Play Lode Runner on Roku

Play Lode Runner on Roku

Another great classic game comes to Roku

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From the same developer that brought us the Prince of Persia game to Roku, we now can play Lode Runner as well.

First published by Brøderbund in 1983, Lode Runner is a classic puzzle-oriented game.

For those that would like to relive the glory days of early computer gaming, Lode Runner is a game where you control a stick figure that must collect all the gold while avoiding guards. Once all the gold is collected, move your player back to the top of the screen to go on to the next level. Each level becoming progressively harder to navigate.

Levels feature a multi-story brick platforms along with ladders along with suspended hand-to-hand bars that offer ways to avoid bing captured by those pesky guards.

Marcelo Cabral is the developer who brings us a remake of Lode Runner to play on Roku.

Here is what he had to say about Lode Runner:

"After finishing the port of Prince of Persia for Roku I decided to develop another classic from the 80's during the nights and weekends of September/2016.

There are five options of sprites, the original Apple II, the Commodore 64, IBM-DOS CGA, Atari 8 bits and Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

The player can also select from three different versions of the game: the Classic (150 levels), Championship (50 levels) and Professional (150 levels)."

As an important note this will never be sold or a source of profit of any kind from my part, several similar projects (for other platforms) are available on the open source community.

A newer update to the channel made this game more compatible with older Roku models. You do not need a gaming remote enable Roku model to play this. Lode Runner will play on most every Roku even those with IR remotes.

You can try out Lode Runner by adding to your Roku... here

New release v0.13 for improved performance for lower end Roku models

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