Don't Buy a QNAP or Synology NAS Until You Read This

Don't Buy a Qnap or Synology NAS Until You Read This

Your Complete NAS Shopping Guide

While media streamers are dirt cheap these days, buying a NAS can still cost you a bundle. Making the right decision will save you a lot of time, aggravation and money later. When it comes to a home or business NAS, QNAP and Synology are among the best in the world.

When Shopping for a QNAP or Synology NAS... Most Buyers Make This Mistake

Most NAS shoppers look only at hardware specs, trying to base their purchase on which model is faster. While this is important, the software or operating system on the NAS can be even more so. This is what you interact with to setup and control your NAS. Choosing the right software is equally important because it will ensure your NAS continues to perform smoothly and is easy to use.

Synology DSM vs QNAP QTS OS

While QNAP and Synology both have come a long way in making their NAS boxes simple to setup and use. When it comes to software, Synology still has an edge. Their software is very intuitive and if you have used Apple computers you will find operating a Synology NAS to be almost Mac like.

Between the two, Synology puts a lot of effort into their OS and they tend to release updates to their software more often.

QNAP on the other hand will have Windows or Android fans feeling right at home. Their OS is not updated quite as often but it is still quite robust. This is why we rank both QNAP and Synology among the best when it comes to NAS boxes available today.

QNAP and Synology Interactive NAS Demo Software

Both QNAP and Synology have put together some very nice interactive NAS demos where you can become more familiar with their software before you decide which NAS to buy.

Try the Synology DSM DEMO         Try the QNAP QTS DEMO

Best NAS Hardware?

Both Synology and QNAP make very respectable NAS hardware. They are industry leaders and your data will be protected by a top quality designed NAS box no matter which you manufacturer you ultimately choose to buy.

Synology is a little more favored as a home NAS since they focus more on energy efficiency.

QNAP on the other hand builds very robust NAS enclosures which are often used more in a business setting. Need Virtual Machine or Link Aggregation? QNAP has you covered.

Both Synology and QNAP make very powerful NAS boxes that will serve your needs for many years to come.

NAS Comparison Guide

If you want to compare hardware specs, we put together this very handy NAS Comparison Guide it lists various models from both QNAP and Synology which you can sort by price, brand and CPU speed.

Where to Buy Your QNAP or Synology NAS?

Amazon sells pretty much every QNAP or Synology NAS made. Their 30/Day Return policy is second to none.

View All QNAP NAS Models    |  View All Synology NAS Models

Popular QNAP and Synology NAS Models


High Efficient Storage Solution for HD Video Editing and Sharing


Networking 10GbE, 2 x 1GbE

Video Output Use as a PC with 4K output


Virtual Machine Run multiple Windows/Linux/Android-based virtual machines with the Virtualization Station.

Data Security Hardware-accelerated encryption engine with AES 256-bit full NAS volume encryption and anti-virus.

QNAP TS-419P Turbo NAS

Desktop Network Attached Storage

best budget QNAP NAS

Networking Dual Gigabit LAN

Video Surveillance Supports up to 4 IP cameras (optional purchase) for network surveillance.

CPU/RAM Marvell 1.2 GHz CPU and 512MB DDRII RAM

Eternal Storage eSATA ports for external storage backup.

Features/Budget This QNAP NAS features excellent build quality, performs well and is still affordably priced.

Synology DS416slim

PC Server Equivalent Performance

Synology vs QNAP Best NAS

Networking Dual LAN with link aggregation support CIFS, AFP (3.1), FTP, NFS, Telnet/SSH

Speed Over 170.23 MB/s reading, 77.62 MB/s writing

CPU/RAM Dual-core 1.0 GHz CPU. 512MB of DDR3 RAM

Warranty Two year warranty.

Small Footprint Supports smaller 2.5 Samsung Seagate Drives for maximum space saving and quiet operation. Perfect for SSD Drives.

Synology DS916+

Quad-core 4-bay NAS for Intensive Tasks and Encryption

Networking 2 Gigiabit (with Link Aggregation / Failover support) Ethernet

CPU/RAM Intel Pentium N3710 Quad-core 1.6 up to 2.56 GHz. 2GB Ram Expandable to 8GB.

Video Transcoding H.264 (AVC), H.265 (HEVC), MPEG-2 and VC-1; maximum resolution: 4K (4096 x 2160); maximum frame rate per second (FPS): 30

Warranty 3-Years

Video Surveillance Supports up to 40 IP Cameras.

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