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Adblock scripts have really hurt web publishers. Many sites only make any money when someone clicks on an ad. Unfortunately, a few bad apples ruin the pie. There are some really annoying website owners that go way overboard with in your face ads. They blink, they cover content, they are everywhere. Adblockers serve a purpose but in the process of blocking these websites, you are also hurting some really good sites that try to limit ads to make them as unobtrusive as possible so they can still help pay the bills.

It's Not Cheap to Run a Website

Running a website is not cheap. Sure you can get a great deal on web hosting when a website is new, then once it starts using some bandwidth the prices go way up. We just renewed our hosting and it costs us well over $400 a year to provide you with Fast FREE content on both and

There are also the many countless hours of time researching and providing new content. Ads provide website owners with a simple way to help offset these costs so they can continue bringing you more awesome content.

The Carrot Vs the Stick

At mkvXstream and TvStreamin we believe in letting our readers do the right thing.

(The Stick) Some websites have employed scripts that will block you from accessing their content entirely if they detect a script that blocks ads. Or, they will charge users a monthly fee to use their site. We have chosen not to do this and hope you will love us enough to add us to your whitelist.

(The Carrot) There are some scripts on our sites that offer some amazing Free content that will not show up unless you add us to your whitelist. Not on purpose, it's because some of the scripts we use get mistaken for ads which sometimes over zealous ad block software will accidently block.

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