Cable Management 101

Cable Management 101

This is not about how to get a new management job working for Comcast. Rather, we will show you some simple ways to take back control over that rats nest of wires you may have hiding behind your entertainment center or computer.

We have all been there, we want to replace a new media streamer, mouse, keyboard or other new gadget only to be faced with a bunch of tangled wires. Super excited to get our latest toy hooked up, only to be greeted by a cloud of dust in our face. Let's face it, cleaning behind our TV, computer or other mess of wires carefully hidden away in our homes is not exactly high on our must do list.

Here are some great cable management items that can turn an ugly mess of wires into a well organized easy to work on dream system to end that tangled cable nightmare forever.

Cable Management Sleeve by SPEZU - Velcro Cord Organizer To Wrap & Protect Wires

This is probably one of the easiest ways to clean up a tangled mess of wires. The wires are placed into a sleeve which is split along it's entire length so that the wires can go in and out real easy. Much nicer than using zip ties as a cord organizer because when it comes time to replace something you won't be worried about needing to cut zip ties and accidentally nicking your wires.

These before and after pictures pretty much tell the story. Click them to learn more.

VELCRO Brand - ONE-WRAP Cable Management

If you don't feel like messing with sleeves, these velcro cable wraps are an easier way to getting your cables bundled up and organized. Instead of zip ties which must be cut off each time, velcro wraps can be used over and over again. Just bundle up your cables and every foot or so, add one of these wraps. They will keep your cables from getting tangled and still make everything look much nicer.

Rexn Cable Organizer and Cord Management System for Your Wires

Finally, there are times when on your desk, or dresser you may want to have your cables looking a little neater. They Rexn organizers will do the trick. They are peel and stick so they are especially useful for using behind a TV to keep your cables from dangling down and looking ugly. You won't want to use these on fine furniture because if you ever remove them dealing with double stick tape can be ugly. A simple tip that works on most surfaces and won't ruin them is WD40. It quickly removes the tape residue.

Free Cable Management Options

If budget is a concern, you may already have some free cable organizers in your home you can use for free. We have been guilty of using these in the past. One of the simplest is the little wire wrap that seals the plastic bags your bread may come in. Most electronic devices come with these as well. Just save them and use them to organize your cables. It may not look pretty but it works and it's free.

Zip ties will also work, and you probably have some laying around the house already. To make them work even better, next time you are at the hardware store, pick up a small piece of rubber hose around 3/4" in diameter. Carefully cut off 1 1/2" long pieces, then cut the hose along one side to make a slit so it will go around your wires. Now when you use zip ties, it will protect your wires should you ever need to cut them off and give the zip ties a much wider surface area to hold your wires together.

Label Your Wires

Using a label maker like this super handy DYMO Label Manager 280 can take your cable management even a step further. Now when you go to unplug something, you won't need to try and trace the wire back to where it goes which is always a pain. Label makers are also great for a ton of other organizing tasks around the home.

If you don't have a label maker handy, a cheep and dirty trick is get a felt tipped pen and some white masking tape. While not pretty, this still works a lot better than no labels at all and will save you some needless aggravation next time you need to unplug a power supply to reset a device.

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