Behind the TV LED Bias Lighting

Behind the TV LED Bias Lighting

Trick out your TV with LED Bias Lighting

Bias Lighting Reduces Eyestrain and Makes Colors on Your HD TV Pop

You bought the perfect flat screen HD TV and sound system, there is one thing your home theater may be still missing to get the best viewing performance. LED Bias Backlighting is something that can take your television viewing to the next level and make your TV picture look even better.


If you watch television in a dark room, bias backlighting can actually make your HD TV picture look so much better. This is because it enhances grays and blacks making them seem richer. Plus the added benefit of reduced eyestrain makes this a winning combination for very little money.

Bias Lighting Also Works for Computer Monitors

If you typically like to use your computer in a dark room, LED Bias lighting strips can help reduce eyestrain as well.

How Bias Backlighting Works

These are typically self adhesive white LED strips that are stuck behind your TV and plugged into your TV's USB port. When your television is on instead of your eyes constantly having to adjust to the changes of contrast on the screen. Bias lighting casts a white glow around the perimeter of your TV which enhances the picture and reduces eye strain and fatigue.

Since the light is indirect and shines away instead of into your eyes you will barley notice it and instead focus on the enhanced TV picture.

Since the TV or Computer needs to be on for this to work, you won't need to remember to turn these lights on or off. Bias LED lights use very low power which comes from a USB port. Most any computer you buy will have USB ports already but not all televisions do.

Before you buy, be sure to check if your TV has a port that looks like this. Otherwise, you can get a USB power adapter like this one. The nice thing about using an external power adapter is it will also let you keep your bias lighting on as a nightlight.

Best Bias Backlighting Options

1. Vansky® Bias Lighting for HDTV USB LED Strip Normal Bright White Backlight Kit for Flat Screen TV LCD, Desktop PC. Learn more.

2. Bias Lighting for HDTV USB Powered TV Backlighting Home Theater Accent lighting, Kohree 35.4" Led Strip Light, Bright White. Learn more

3. LED Backlight for TV Normal Bright Cool White Mini Kit (Extra Small): Recommended for Flat Screen TV LCD. Learn more

Installation Tips

Installing Bias LED Lighting is super easy, just mount the strips behind your TV with the self adhesive tape. You can even cut the strips to length with a pair of scissors. Just be sure you only cut on the lines.

To enhance your TV viewing experience further Bias LED Lighting may be just what your home theater is missing.

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