Roku Vs SkyStreamX Two Android TV Box

Roku Vs SkyStreamX Android TV Box

Roku builds a great easy to use media streamer. Roku has made a huge name for itself in the streaming media player market. Roku has also kept its core business model very much the same over the years and recently shifted to selling advertising on their platform as a main source of revenue.

Roku is a popular streaming media player that lets you access and watch most all of the big name streaming subscription services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video and Sling TV.  Along with many cable TV type channels as well.

Roku also has a Huge List of user-generated private channels, including some that even contain Full XXX Adult Only Content.

While most private channels aren't the typical HBO and Showtime type channels or those with the latest TV Shows and Movies, there is still a vast amount of video content that you wouldn't normally be able to find with only a cable TV subscription available on Roku.

While Roku does have many features and options for streaming video content, it also lacks many options that Android TV Boxes have to offer. 

SkyStream is a leader in the Android TV Box market and has been in business for almost 6 years. SkyStreamX recently released their latest Android TV box the SkyStream Two.

They sell and support their boxes from Florida rather than China. You can be assured that they will be there for you if you need support after the sale.

Major Streaming Services
Both the Roku and the SkyStream Two can stream most all the subscription-based streaming services from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Sling TV. While Roku has them in their built-in app store, with a SkyStream Two you can download them directly from the built-in Google Play store. In this category, both streamers can pretty much do the same thing. Although for most people Roku is a little easier to learn to use.

Custom User-Generated Channels
User-generated channels are definitely a Roku thing. SkyStream does not have all the same custom user generated channels. Although many of these same channels are also broadcast on websites so a lot them could also theoretically be watched using the SkyStream's built in web browser which gives you access to a huge list of Internet streaming TV channels.

A web browser is something which Roku does not offer.

If you love watching faith-based channels, then Roku is a great choice. Roku has many more religious channels than pretty much any other platform.

Operating System and Apps
Both the Roku and SkyStream Two devices operating systems run on Linux. But that is the only similarity between them. Roku runs on a custom version of Linux that they develop in-house. The SkyStream X Two runs on the much more open Android operating system which at its core runs on Linux and is maintained and supported by Google. SkyStream includes their own custom launcher to make it easy to find and launch your apps.
While Roku does not have apps, at least not in the traditional sense since they call their apps channels. They do have available channels from most every major streaming service available to install along with a long list of custom private Roku channels that you can add and watch on Roku as well.
Since the SkyStream Two runs on the Android operating system they benefit from having access to the Google Play store which has over a million apps available to download. This allows users to use many different kinds of apps like Social Media, Web browsers, Games, TV streaming apps like Kodi, and you could even use the SkyStream X as a mini PC.

Live TV
As we mentioned earlier, the SkyStream Two Android TV Box with an added OTA HD Tuner like the HDHomeRun would allow you to watch local over the air channels using the excellent Android Live Channels App. is a great website to see which channels are being broadcast near your house. This guide will help you find and install the best antenna for your location.

In Conclusion
Roku is a tried and true popular streaming media player. It does exactly what it says it does. It streams Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video and many other subscription-based services. It also has user-generated channels that can be installed. So if you just want to stream Netflix or other major Streaming TV services it's a great media streamer.

Skystream X Two is a much more versatile, less restricted streaming media player that benefits from the apps in the Google Play store, along with apps like Kodi, or other IPTV apps not available on Roku. For people who want more options the Skystream Two is a great choice as an Android media streamer. 

Why limit yourself to just one streamer? Your TV has extra HDMI ports, get another Android TV streamer like the SkyStream Two and take full advantage that both media streaming platforms have to offer.

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