Guidebox Helps You Find the Best TV Shows and Movies

Guidebox Will Help you Find Popular TV Shows and Movies

Plus they show you where you can stream them

Want to find out which TV shows and movies are popular? Guidebox will tell you and also show you which streaming service has them and where you can watch them.

Finding new TV shows or good movies to stream and watch can sometimes be an ordeal in itself. No one wants to waste their time watching a few episodes of a TV series only to find out it's a dud. Worse yet, sitting though the first 45 minutes of a bad movie bored out of your mind hoping it will get better and it just never does.

Guidebox is a very cool website that has put together a ton of great features that will make streaming so much more enjoyable.

It's software searches pretty much every legal streaming TV site like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Crackle and many more and adds their content to a constantly updated database. You will be able to search their site for your favorite movies and TV shows and instantly find out where you can learn more about them and where to stream them.

Click on their popular TV shows list and get a full listing of shows that are currently trending. This will save you some time while you are trying to find something new to watch.

Guidebox has done the same thing for movies. Click the Popular Movies Tab and instantly you are greeted with a list of movies that looks like this.

Click any thumbnail image and a page pops up that lets you watch trailers, gives you a full synopsis and tells you where you can stream or buy the movie from.

Leanback Mode is a another nice feature of Guidebox which they recently introduced. It gives you a video channel with a ton of video sources of great Free content you can watch from tablets, smartphones or computers.

Click the Channels Tab and you will find pretty much every streaming channel available and where to watch it. Once you click on a channel icon, the Guidebox software gives you a full listing of every show available on that particular channel. Click any show and you get a full synopsis and and every season, episode and title of that TV show currently available.

Want to develop your own app that has access to all this content? Guidebox will even give you access to their excellent JSON API software so you do number of amazing things with this data.

If you spend a little time digging into the Guidebox website, you will see what a great resource it is for streamers. It offers one of the most complete sources of TV shows and movie data. It's beautifully organized all from one easy to use location. Use it once and you will find yourself using the Guidebox website over and over.

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