Are the Best Private Roku Channels Hidden?

Are the Best Private Roku Channels Hidden?

While there are many published private Roku channels, there are some that remain a deep dark secret and are hidden away.

When someone contacted us and told us about a private Roku channel that they asked us not to share for fear it would be shut down, it really peaked our interest.

This private channel was said to be full of movies and TV shows with much of the same content that can be found in paid subscription Roku channels. It also contained Live TV channels and even HBO. Since the person could not provide the private channel code, we were never able to confirm if this channel existed. We really did try to find it, unfortunately our searches came up empty.

A World of Top Secret Hidden Private Roku Channels

If our mystery Roku channel is real or just an internet myth, one has to wonder just how many Hidden Private Roku channels are really out there? 

There is no way to know for sure unless maybe you're Roku. 

Once a developer builds a Roku channel, they are issued a vanity code to add the channel to their Roku.

Since private Roku channels are not in the Public Roku Store and if they choose not to share their channel code publicly, or only share it with a small group of trusted friends the channel will most likely never be discovered.

Unless one has an app that could sniff packets on the internet for channels that are sending data back and forth to Roku. 

This is what one researcher did to determine which channels most people were really watching on their Roku media streamers. The results he came up with may surprise you and were different than what Roku had listed as their most popular channels. 

You can view this full report: Best Popular Roku Channels Exposed... here

Where to find Hidden Private Roku Channels

We already did some of the hard work of finding hidden Roku channels for you. If you check our A-Z Roku Channels Index list, you will notice quite a few channels have Roku channels codes. This indicates the channel is private and is not listed in the public channel store.

Another way to tell a Roku private channel is by the Add Channel URL itself. All private channels will start with followed by the channel code.

To Help You Find Private Channels

We recently built a FREE Roku Channels Launcher App you can download and add to your Android devices. iOS and other OS users, add this link as a favorite to your web browser.

This will give you quick access to all the Roku channels we have listed on mkvXstream to make finding and installing new Roku channels super easy.

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