Roku-4 Everything We Know So Far

Roku-4 New UHD File Shredding Monster

From a collection of first looks and early reviews here is what we know about the Roku 4 so far.

Stunning Picture Quality Makes Everything Look Better

If you have an expensive TV and picture quality is a top priority, the Roku 4 should be on your short list. It features up-converting so all video content not just 4K looks much better. Otherwise, the current model Roku 3, or Roku 2 are still great and will still do everything you need.


CNET did a first look with an excellent video on the new Roku 4. One thing that really helped put the size of the Roku 4 in perspective is when you see it sitting next to a Roku 3 and Roku 2. The new Roku 4 is quite a bit wider and larger overall. 

Reset Button - Voice Search and Remote Finder Makes the Roku-4 Rock

The Streaming Advisor did an unboxing video that covers some of the new features of the Roku 4. Some things we have never seen before on Roku, include a reset button and the new Remote Finder which helps make lost remotes a thing of the past. Just push a button on top of your Roku 4 and the Roku remote will start making a pleasant chirping sound behind the couch, or maybe inside the dog's bed if you happen to own a puppy.

Roku-4 Faster and Still Slower than the Roku 3 in Some Cases

CordcuttersNews did an excellent video that shows how quickly various Roku channels will load using a side-by-side comparison of both a Roku 3 and the Roku 4. While there was no real clear winner, some channels on the Roku 3 loaded a little quicker and on others the Roku 4 was a little faster. This may change to favor the newer Roku when developers begin rewriting and optimize their channels for the latest Roku software.

The Roku-4 Fan Noise - The Real Story

After a couple people complained of high temps and fan noise in the Roku Forum and someone posted a video on YouTube, we thought this could be reason for concern. From the YouTube video it almost sounds as if something is stuck in the path of the fan blades.

After hearing from several Roku 4 owners on the Roku Rocks FB group stating their Roku 4 was silent, we believe this may be a rare occurrence rather than the norm. None of the major review sites mentioned anything about the fan noise either. You can watch the video and listen to the noise below. 

In initial testing our fan was quiet. Although our Roku is inside a cabinet which helps muffle any sound and we have not had enough time to do extensive 4K testing to really put it under a heavy load.

Tips to Keep Your Roku Running Cooler

To keep your Roku 4 running cooler be sure to check out our heat sink trick here. Don't place your Roku 4 on top of a heat sink like we did with the Roku 3. The new Roku has a vent underneath that you will not want to block. The Roku 4 will require the heat sink to be placed on top to offer the extra passive cooling. Or, just flip it over and have the fan vent pointing straight up with the Roku laying on top of the heat sink.

Setting it on it's side will also make it run cooler as it gives the heat an easier path to escape and no heat sink is needed.

One other tip is to make sure you turn on the power saving option in the settings. This is turned off by default. This will turn your Roku off after about 30 minutes of inactivity and it will give it a chance to cool down before you use it again.

You Can Pay More But You Won't Find a Better 4K Streamer Than the Roku-4

While at $129.00 the Roku 4 does cost more than any previous top of the line Roku models. The 4K picture quality, thousands of channels and overall features still make it a bargain. As 4K video content becomes more and more common, it will be worth it even more.

The new Amazon 4K Fire TV has some bugs and the new Apple TV still does not yet support 4K. Out of the the three, the Roku-4 is hands down still our favorite.

Best Place to buy a Roku-4

We recommend getting your new Roku on Amazon. Since you're dealing with Amazon, if it should have any issues you can send it right back for up to 30 Days with no questions asked. For $8 more, Square Trade extends the warranty to two years. This is well worth buying should any issue arise with your Roku 4 in the future. 

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