New Roku OS 7 Software Update on the Way

New Roku OS 7 Software Update on the Way

New Features Coming to a Roku Near You

While much of the recent news from Roku was about the new Roku 4 Ultra HD streamer, something current Roku owners can get excited about is a brand new operating system update. OS 7 is on the way and has some great new features.

New Features In OS 7

In a recent survey by cable companies one of the biggest complaints consumers had was the lack of ways to search for content. Roku has addressed this with their latest update.

New Enhanced Roku Feed - This was something introduced on Roku back in July. If you are not yet familiar what this does, it basically alerts you when a movie you want to watch becomes available.

Let's say you choose to follow a movie you have been wanting to watch. Roku Feed will alert you when it is available for streaming from a service such as Amazon Instant Video, or others. It will even tell you if it decreases in price and you’ll receive an automatic update on your My Feed section of your Roku home screen.

With OS7 Roku Feed will have even more capabilities. You can now follow actors, directors and TV shows as well.

Updated Mobile Apps - As part of it's new OS 7 update, two new apps for iOS and Android OS are also being released. They will contain new features such as Roku Search, Remote Control and Play on Roku. Plus they will also have the new Feed notification feature which will let you know when something you have been wanting to watch is available.

Roku Your New Travel Partner - Their new software contains something Roku users have been asking for a long time. The ability to take their Roku with them when they go traveling or off to college.

Roku addressed the need for a dorm or motel room number needed before someone could log into a private or guest network. Now with their new mobile apps, you can simply enter the login in info there and your linked Roku will be able to use their guest or paid WiFi connection to stream your favorite shows while on the go and away from home.

When Can I Expect My Roku to Get Updated to OS7?

Software will begin rolling out later this month and should be complete by early November. It should happen automatically. If you want to make sure you get the update as soon as possible, you can always try updating your Roku manually by doing this:

  • Go to the Home screen  on your Roku by clicking Home on your remote.
  • Choose Settings.
  • Choose System.
  • Choose System Update.
  • Choose Check Now.

Which Models Will Receive the Update

Here is an easy way to tell if your Roku is capable of getting the new OS 7 update:

  • Go to the Home screen  on your Roku by clicking Home on your remote.
  • Choose Settings.
  • Choose System.
  • Choose About.

 If your software version says you are currently running 6.2 your Roku will get the OS 7 update.

Basically the only models that will not get the latest update are models Roku no longer supports. They are the original N1000 series and the old 2nd generation 2000/2050/2100 models.

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