Easiest Ways to Cancel Comcast Service

Easiest Ways to Cancel Comcast Service

Future cord cutters, use these simple tips to help you cancel your Comcast service and keep your sanity...

Canceling a monthly Comcast cable bill, should not leave you with the same feeling of dread as your next dental appointment for a Root Canal.

If you are tired of rising cable TV prices and would love to join the many who have already cut the cable TV cord, then at some point you will need to contact your TV provider to cancel service.

Comcast doesn't exactly have a stellar reputation for the way they treat their customers.

Some of you have probably heard the stories of others that were berated and verbally assaulted by mean spirited Comcast customer service reps.

Some Comcast Headlines that Recently Made the News:

Listen to this Comcast Rep Berate a Customer Trying to Cancel His Service

Before You Make the Call to Cancel Your TV Service

Don't let this happen to you. Here are some things to do to make your cable cutting experience more pleasant.

Find your happy place - Spend a few minutes relaxing or meditating before you make the call. CSRs are only human  and will pick up on any hostility and may mirror your attitude. If you project love and kindness rather than hate and hostility, it goes a long way towards a more pleasant exchange.

Be Firm - Know your objective and be sure to communicate this clearly and calmly to your CSR. If you are met with resistance or any attempt to redirect you to another offer, hold firm and keep restating your objective which is to cancel cable TV.

How to Deal With an Aggressive CSR - If you happen to get a CSR that is becoming verbally abusive, here are some tips that will help cool their jets. These type of individuals have been successfully been able to bully or intimidate customers into keeping their high priced service in the past.

Many people tend to avoid confrontation as it makes them uncomfortable. Some Customer Service Reps know this and use this fully to their advantage and even get a kick out of it. If you find yourself on the other end of the phone with one of these jerks, here is what to do.

When you sense you are dealing with an aggressive or abusive CSR, immediately hang up the phone. Don't say a word just hang up and call back. Most of the time you will get reconnected to someone else who may be easier to deal with. If you happen to get the same CSR, be sure to get their fist and last name. If they won't give their last name ask for an employee ID number and ask them to hold on for a second while you write it down.  Tell them you really don't appreciate their attitude and would like to speak with their supervisor.

Nine times out of ten you will notice an immediate change of attitude and they will be happy to accommodate your request and get off the phone with you as soon as possible.

If by chance you get a certified crazy CSR, you may need to wait and call back several hours later. Their shift will most likely have ended and hopefully you will get someone better to deal with this time around.

Another thing that works wonders for rude and obnoxious CSRs, is ask them to please hold on while you turn on your recorder to record the conversation.

Comcast Will Try Every Trick in The Book to Keep You in Your Current Plan

Customer Retention is trained to turn your every objection into yes let keep things as they are. They will try every trick in their book to stop you from canceling their service. Their evaluations and bonuses may even depend on how many people cancel cable. They will fight very hard to keep you as a customer.

Luckily we know some of their secrets thanks to a leaked document we found on the net. Use these reasons to cancel and they will fast track your request to a quick service disconnect. Since they know you will be unable to be saved as a cable TV customer it will save you both a lot of time and needless frustration.

These are excerpts from Comcast's guidelines for retention specialists:
  • Customer is moving in with an existing Comcast customer (CAE must verify Comcast services active at new address)
  • Customer is moving to a non-Comcast area (CAE must verify by looking up zip code)
  • Account holder is deceased / incapacitated
  • Temporary / seasonal disconnect and Seasonal Suspend Plan is not available in their area
  • Natural disaster
  • Customer doesn't know what address they're moving to
Unfortunately, these excuses don't work if you would still like to keep their internet or phone service.

You can read the full Comcast Quality Guidelines Retention Manual: here

Keep Your Comcast Internet

While these are not from their guidelines, try these reasons for canceling your TV service. They can help get you off the phone fairly quickly:
  • My TV broke down and  I can't afford to get a new one for a few months.
  • I just signed up for a two year commitment to Dish Network.
  • Am traveling abroad for 6 months and still want to keep the internet for my email.

Advantages to Cutting Cable TV

Besides a much lower monthly bill, cutting cable TV offers many additional benefits. We still recommend subscribing to a premium streaming Service like Netflix, or Amazon Prime. Also, be sure to purchase a great media streamer like a Roku with it's list of over 2,000 Public and Private hidden channels.

No Commercials on Netflix or Amazon Instant Streaming
Sure you will have to pay to subscribe, although compared to cable TV, the cost per month is much less. 

For more info on what these streaming services each have to offer, please see our Streaming TV Guide here

Watch TV On Your Schedule - Binge watching an entire series is very popular with cord cutters. Instead of watching one show every week, you can watch entire seasons of past shows you missed one right after another.

Why not give streaming television a try, if for some reason you ever decide to go back to Comcast as a cable TV customer, they may even offer you their one year promotional discount.

To get a better deal from your Cable or Satellite provider - Please check these tips...

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