Create a Live Stream Video From Your Room

Create a Live Stream Video From Your Room

Want to host your own TV show? Grab your webcam and use your internet connection to reach a wide audience.

Who knows, you may even become famous overnight!

Streaming has become the new normal. It is now the primary way many of us are watching television. Back when we were tied to a closed and controlled big cable dominated world. Creating your own television show was almost unheard of. Content back then was all chosen for us by stuffy network program directors.  Our choices were very limited

Live Stream for All

Live streaming has made it possible for anyone with a web camera, and an unlimited imagination to reach an audience in size beyond their wildest dreams. The world is your fan base and your content has the potential to reach millions.

While we can't really tell which content will go viral, we can help you with the tools you need to succeed in creating the best live stream videos possible.

How to Stream Live Video

There are several ways to create a live stream video and each have advantages and disadvantages.

Streaming Live Videos from a WebCam - This is probably by far the easiest way to generate and upload a live stream video feed. First you will need to sign up with a live streaming service. Two of the most popular services are USTREAM and Google Plus Hangouts on Air.

USTREAM offers a free trial, and it will revert to a free ad supported account. You can choose a paid Pro account to eliminate the ads. 

Hangouts on Air is also free. This service integrates nicely with YouTube and will let you broadcast in HD on both YouTube and also your website. To get an idea of some of the content others are creating and sharing visit their page and watch the user uploaded videos.

We like both of these accounts as you can use their built in software. No further software is needed to download and install.

Once you create an account with the streaming service of choice, log in and access your Channel or Room. Look for and make a note of the "Broadcast Now" or "Go Live" button. You will need to click this when you are ready to go on the air. Once your new channel is activated you can even use the code they give you to embed your channel into a website.

You Need a High Quality Webcam 

Live Stream Video Webcam
High Quality Webcams make the Difference between Average and Exceptional Live Stream Video

If you don't yet own a decent webcam, be sure to take a look at the highly rated Logitech C920 1080p HD Pro Webcam. You can pick it up on Amazon here at a great price. This webcam does a terrific job for streaming with the excellent, high quality Carl Zeiss optics. Be sure to also get a separate USB microphone or headset as the built in one will distort your audio, making it sound tinny.

Hook up your webcam and be sure to enable it with Flash when you stream your first live broadcast. Be sure to save the settings by checking the "Always Allow" or "Remember" settings in your streaming software. Adobe Flash may prompt you to update their software so be sure and do this as well.

Once your hooked up and the software has found your webcam, you are ready to begin your live stream. Press the "Broadcast Now" or "Go Live" button and start streaming live.

Get ready, you may become the next overnight Live Stream Video Super Star!

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