Kalinka-TV™ Russian Free HDTV Roku Channel

Kalinka-TV™ Russian Free HDTV Roku Channel

Add the Kalinka-TV™ Russian Roku Channel!

Kalinka-TV™ Russian Free HDTV

Featuring the best collection of some of the most popular Russian Federation TV channels. These are all top rated channels provided to you in one package. 

Also included is an HD radio broadcast from New York.

Enjoy the quality of the first REAL FREE Russian TV on the market!

Television For the Entire Family!

  • LifeNews (HD)
  • ORT (1st)
  • Ren-TV (HD)
  • TNT
  • Russia 2 (Sport)
  • Kid's
  • KTK (HD)
  • DaNu (HD Radio)

Add Kalinka-TV Roku Channel

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The Roku channel code is "kalinkatvfree".  

Калинка-ТВ™ Русское ТВ БЕСПЛАТНО HDTV:

Вы можете смотреть бесплатно новости и передачи в прямом эфире:

LifeNews (HD), ORT (1st), Ren-TV (HD), TNT, Russia 2 (Sport), Kid's, KTK (HD), DaNu (HD Radio)

Телевидение для всей семьи!


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