Best Headphone Amps for Your Digital Music

Best Headphone Amps for Your Digital Music

Headphone amps let to you listen without speakers from a high end Network Digital music player

Best headphone amps
Make your music sound better than ever with a headphone amp!

A high quality set of headphones and special headphone amp will deliver sound quality that will rival an expensive amplifier and set of speakers at just a tiny fraction of the cost.

If you followed our previous articles in our quest to build a high quality home stereo system to work with high end component network music players. It's easy to see how quickly you can have $5,000 or more invested in an entry level audiophile grade stereo system.

With a special amp made to drive a set of headphone hooked to an output of either a component quality digital music player or a portable music player it will save you a rather significant amount of money. This is because it completely eliminates the need for a full size amplifier, preamplifier and large bulky speakers.

Headphone Amps - Incredible Music from a tiny package!

Headphone amps are rather small, in fact they really don't need to be large because the speakers in a typical set of headphone are actually quite tiny. They have the circuity built in that take the line output of your digital music player and deliver it a proper level that is needed to power many high end headphones.

Once you hear the sound put out by a small headphone amp and a good set of headphones, you may hear your music in a entirely new way. In fact it will probably sound better then it ever has even on a large set of speakers. This is because there is minimum distance for the sound to travel from the speakers to your ears.

Headphone Amps - Prices Vary

Just like many other audio components, headphone amp prices can range from $50 to over $2000 and more. Some even include a built in high quality DAC (Digital Audio Converter) in case your network audio player does not come with one. 

A high quality portable music player, headphone amp with built-in DAC plus a quality set of headphones will all fit inside a shoebox. For those cramped on space, this could be the perfect solution without sacrificing an ounce on music quality. In fact your music will probably never sound better.

Below you will find some of the Top Rated Headphone Amps with and without DACs. To check current discounted prices, reviews and get more information from Amazon click the More link.

BEST Headphone Amps

Model Price AMP DAC Chip Connectors Pros/Cons Learn More

$1199 CLASS A ESS Sabre ES9018 DAC XLR/RCA Supports High Resolution Audio More...
 Little Dot I+ 6JI X2

$136 Tube Amp Not Included RCA Warm Tube Sound/No DAC More...
 Sennheiser HDVD 800

$1999 Digital Burr-Brown DAC with 24/192 resolution XLR/RCA German Audio Quality/Expensive More...

$1299 Balanced Amp 32Bit 384KHZ DAC XLR/RCA THD + N is less than 0.0002% More...
 Emotiva Stealth DC-1

$499 professional-grade LM4562 op-amps AD1955 differential D/A converters XLR/RCA Full Preamp/DAC/ Amp More...

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