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Top Rated Speakers - Providing Music to Your Ears

Stereo Speakers, the last link in the chain to an outstanding sounding stereo system

Speakers can make the most expensive system sound bad, or a budget system sound good.

When it comes to completing your stereo system, speakers are a very important consideration and their selection should not be taken lightly. They can make a night and day difference between a just OK sounding stereo system and a knock your socks off "sounds amazing" audio system.

Look for speakers that feature solid wood veneer and MDF construction and shy away from speakers placed in cheap plastic boxes. Speaker size does not matter as much if you plan on adding a separate powered sub-woofer. If you only want to run two speakers, then you will probably want to go with larger speakers.

Large floor speakers can end up taking a lot of floor space. Other options include wall mounted or recessed speakers. We will show you some of the best in class for each of these three applications.

Best stereo speakers

Wall Mounted Stereo Speakers Bose 901s

Bose has been building speakers for many years. Their engineers have been able to produce speakers that take up a small footprint and provide amazing sound quality for their size. 

Their flagship top of the line speakers is still the Bose 901. These stereo speakers hung from a wall up near the ceiling takes up very little room and produces sound that to this day will rival many larger floor standing speakers.

Bose speakers do require an adequately powered amplifier to drive them. Amps anywhere from 150 to 400 watts per channel at 8 ohms are perfect for driving Bose 901s and will make your music sound excellent. As Bose likes to say, their 901 speakers with "Direct/Reflecting® speaker technology, will reproduce much of the impact of a live performance".  These speakers still offer pretty decent bass with a smaller series of speaker drivers.

The 901 speakers are available in a beautiful hand rubbed looking Walnut finish or a solid black. A separate equalizer (EQ) is also included with the 901s to control and tailor the sound exactly to your preference. We owned these speakers for many years and have used them with and without the EQ and they sound great either way. 

To install Bose 901 speakers on the wall, you will need special brackets like the excellent Pinpoint AM-15 Universal Mounts. These brackets are sold individually and because the Bose 901 speakers are heavy, each speaker will need two mounting brackets placed a few inches apart near the center of the speaker.

901® Direct/Reflecting® speaker system

  • Flagship Bose® speaker delivers legendary performance from stereo components
  • Direct/Reflecting® speaker technology reproduces much of the impact of a live performance
  • Nine full-range drivers provide greater power handling than conventional home audio speakers
  • Optional floorstanding speaker pedestals available

Click here to get a great price and read reviews on the Bose 901 Stereo Speakers.

Stereo Floor Speakers - Infinity, Polk, Sony, JBL - Many Great Choices!

When it comes to floor standing speakers you will find a long list of quality speakers. Here is where you will find a wide range of choices. The current trend in floor speaker design is tall and slim. This does not leave room for larger woofers so if you don't plan on running a separate sub-woofer, look for speakers that include a larger 12"-15" woofer. This will give you nice tight bass without the need for another floor standing sub-woofer to try to fit in with your decor.

One such model that offers 15" woofers and gets excellent reviews are the massive! BIC AMERICA RTR-EV15 15-Inch 3-Way Tower Speaker.

  • 430W peak power handling, 225W RMS
  • 15-inch custom Eviction series high-excursion woofer with high-power magnet
  • 5.25-inch sealed-back midrange
  • High-efficiency horn tweeter enables extended output to 116 dB
  • Freq resp: 30 Hz-20 kHz ±3 dB

Recessed Wall/Ceiling Speakers - For a Low Profile Clean Hidden Look

In the wall/ceiling speakers are very popular today.  For a neat uncluttered look, nothing beats an in the wall or ceiling speaker installation. This will often require the help of professionals to snake wire, and cut holes into drywall. All the while carefully avoiding any studs, electrical wires, water pipes or other obstructions.

Just like floor standing speakers, there is quite a long list to recessed speakers to choose from. Manufactures are fully aware of this trend and have created some very nice quality speakers that will look good and still sound great as well.

In case you are wondering how to tell them apart, generally recessed ceiling speakers are round and recessed wall speakers are square.

These type of speakers often come in multiple sizes and just like floor speakers, get the largest size you can afford if not using a subwoofer. This will give you the very best sound quality. Also, be sure they are rated properly to your amplifier size for best speaker efficiency and minimum clipping.

View all recessed speakers by Polk, Yamaha, Pyle and more...

This completes our series on building the perfect stereo system for playing high resolution digital music. If you are just now joining us, be sure to start at the beginning at page one: Top 5 Best Digital Network HD Music Players.

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