These Netflix Tips, Tricks and Tweaks Make it Rock

Netflix Tricks and Tweaks to Make it Rock

Use these popular tips and apps to supercharge Netflix

Find more things to watch to make Netflix better than ever!

Netflix is one of most popular streaming TV service available today. With good reasons. Their catalog of movies and TV shows is expansive. Their interface so simple that anyone can get the hang of it in minutes. With so much great content available, not all of it is easy to find. Once you use some of these tips it will make using Netflix even better.

Netflix Websites and Apps

Better Search with All Flicks
Finding content can be difficult, is a website that has access to the Netflix API. They can filter the Netflix database some pretty interesting ways. Like bringing up a list of titles that are popular and most watched by the day, week or month. Or, search content by dates, genres, and filter by rating. If you have Hulu Plus the site recently started giving Hulu users many of these same options.

Instant Watcher

Another Netflix search site Instant Watcher may not offer all the features some of the other sites do, it still offers a nice synopsis feature. The site will also find movies and TV Shows that are available to watch on many other popular streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu.

What's New On Netflix?

Want to know what the latest movies and TV shows are on Netflix? 
Be sure to get our Free Netflix Android app that shows the latest TV shows, movies and popular titles. This app not only lists top shows and new content. It also features links to many of the best 3rd party websites we mentioned here. Finding great content on Netflx will always be a click away right from within the app. Our app is updated directly by Netflix with all the latest and popular shows.

Download our Free Apk below or check out the live demo here.

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Android Devices  

Netflix Top Movies and TV Shows Android App

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Upflix for iOS and Android

Another great app to check out Netflix content from your phone is the free app Upflix. With this app you can easily sort TV Shows and Movies according to ratings from 3rd party sites as well as from Netflix. Some of these review sites include IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes. You can also watch a movie linked directly from within the app.

Now Streaming

Another interesting site to help you find popular Netflix content and most importantly content that is leaving is Now Streaming. They have a specific section of their site devoted to content that soon will no longer be available to watch on Netflix. If you have your heart set on watching a television series or movie and have not yet gotten around to it, this site will let you know before it's too late.

Where to Watch Search Engine

If you just quickly want to find a movie, use the search engine. They offer a simple ad free Google like search interface to find the best legal movies and shows online.

Netflix Tips Tricks and tweaks

Use These Netflix Tips to Find More and Better Content

Take Control of your Recommendations

Taking the time to use the built in Netflix star rating system will not only help other users find great shows and movies, it will also ensure you find more content suited to your likes.

There is also a great Chrome extension to take it a step further and let you see what Critics from IMDB or Rotten tomatoes think before deciding to watch a movie. Get the Netflix Enhancer extension and you can have instant access to movie trailers and more.

Manage Your Queue

If searching through your Netflix watch list is starting to feel a bit like torture, we have a solution. Download the Netflix Queue Sorter Greasemonkey script for Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Safari. This script will let you shuffle, reverse, and sort your DVD Queue or Instant Queue by star rating, average rating, title, length, year, genre, format, availability, playability, language, etc.

Setup Multiple Profiles

Setting up different profiles will let Netflix customize your recommendations specifically for individual family members. The downside is you will be required to log into your specific profile every time you start Netflix. It's worth it though to have your recommendations tailored to your individual viewing preferences rather than your 6 year old.

You can have up to 5 free individual profiles per account. They don't need to be set to a person either, they can be set to profiles like Family, or Movie Night. Not all older media streaming devices support multiple profiles, although many of the newer Roku and Android streamers do. Profiles can also be restricted for younger viewers. When setting up a profile click "User is Under 12 Years" to limit and restrict content for that profile. Login in to Netflix here from a computer to set up your profiles now.

Eliminate Buffering

There is nothing more annoying then sitting down to watch a really good movie only to have to wait every so often while your internet connection catches up. Fortunately this can mostly be eliminated by logging into Netflix from your computer and tweaking your Netflix account settings and choosing Manage Video Quality. By choosing a lower setting, this can help stop annoying buffering and let you enjoy the entire movie or show without interruptions.

Popular Media Streaming Devices for Watching Netflix

If your current media streamer is getting old and not giving you the best Netflix performance, Click here! We put together a list of the Top 15 Hottest and Popular Media Streaming Devices that will let you stream and watch Netflix on your large screen TV.

We still have a few more Netflix tips and tweaks for you here

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