Hard Drive Data Recovery Services You Can Count on in a Crash

Hard Drive Data Recovery Services You Can Count On in a Crash

Data Recovery your last option when all else fails.

Computer storage devices come in many different shapes and sizes and can hold a lifetime music collection, priceless irreplaceable photos of loved ones, personal records and data, or a huge library of movies and television shows.

Hard Drive Data Recovery Services

When data loss happens no matter how large or small, it can be extremely frustrating. No matter how careful we are, Murphy's law dictates it usually happens at the most inconvenient time. When data loss does occur, turning to proven Hard Drive Data Recovery Services to get your data back can mean the difference between failure and success.

Data Backup Prevention Less Painful than a Data Recovery Cure

We all know how important it is to back up our computer data. Yet how many do this 100% of the time on a daily basis. For each of you that raised your hand, I bet there are a hundred of us including myself that can't say the same thing. Sure we try to back up our data and we do so occasionally, yet there is still a chance that something can happen to loose our lifetime collection of digital memories.

The following proven methods will help you create a backup of your important data so you can sleep better at night. These can range from simple and inexpensive, to extreme and quite costly. As like anything in life, when it comes protecting your computer files, you really do get what you pay for. A little data backup is still much better than no data backup at all.

1. Portable Flash Devices - A Good Data Back Up Plan

Hard Drive Data Recovery
Backing up data need not be complicated or expensive. Recently we have see rather large price drops in USB portable storage such as Thumb Drives, Flash Memory, and even Portable Hard Drives. These are great low cost products for backing up important files.  Many are large enough to hold thousands of photos, or personal files or records.

Portable flash devices are solid state memory. They are often used for backing up data and apps for smart phones, or tablets. Many digital cameras also use flash cards of various sizes to store data.

Portable devices now cost so little, it's a good idea to store a backup copy of your important data files in secure offsite location such as a safety deposit box, a locker at work or school or even hidden in your car to protect your data in case of fire or theft. While this is better than not backing up your data at all, it still requires manual intervention and a strong resolve to back up your data on a regular basis.

2. Storing Data on the Cloud - A Better Data Backup Plan

Storing your data on the cloud is a better solution for added security from fire. Although it still does not cover you in case you provider should suddenly go out of business taking all your files with you. Your data on the Cloud is also subject to snooping and theft from hackers. For some applications and especially if you keep a back up copy on a portable device this can be an adequate solution.

Some of the better Cloud storage services offer tight integration with applications that work on many different operating systems. They have plans from free to paid depending on how much data you need to store. One such service we use is DropBox,  you can learn more about DropBox Free Cloud Storage  by clicking here. Dropbox works well with Computers, Android and Roku Streaming devices.

3. Network Attached Storage - The Best Data Backup Plan

The best way and also most expensive way to backup your data is with a dedicated NAS box. A Network Attached Storage (NAS) box is nothing more than a dedicated small computer that contains multiple hard drives. These are often set up to mirror each other. This offers the most secure backup in case a hard drive fails. If a drive does fail, it is easy to pull it out and replace it. The other drives then back up a mirror copy of their data to the new drive. NAS boxes that come with only one drive offer no redundancy and would not offer the same level of protection unless you could back them up to another device.

Better NAS boxes can hold eight hard drives or more of up to six terabytes in size. With larger NAS boxes you can back up larger volumes of data as along as you have in equal amount of drives for redundancy. In an eight drive NAS, four of the 6 TB drives would hold data for a total of 24GB and the remaining 4 hard drives would back up the data. This is why when buying hard drives for a NAS, it is very important to set it up with identical drives of the same size and speed.

You can also add additional drives to a NAS as your data needs grow. If you purchase an eight drive NAS enclosure and start off with only 2 drives and run out of space, you can add more identical drives as long as you add them in pairs.

To learn more about some of the Best NAS boxes on the market for 2015, Synology and QNAP please read more…

Best Software to Automate Backup

Data backup is much easier with automated software. Here are some of today's top solutions for backing up your data on multiple platforms.

Best Windows Backup App - Acronis True Image 2015

Acronis for a long time has been known for top notch backup software. Making a true image of your hard drive is one of the best ways to backup a drive. This is the way most large IT departments back up  and restore desktop computers all over the corporate world. The advantage to a drive image is it is quick and easy. Once the image of a hard drive is burned, it can be stored on a portable drive or flash drive. The backup process can be fully automated and new drive images can be created on a scheduled basis. Acronis True Images offers some advanced tools like email notification upon successful backup image creation, hard drive secure eraser, and 5GB free online cloud storage to keep a backup copy of an image. Learn more about Acronis True Image.

Download Acronsis Free Trial

Best Mac OS X Backup App - Data Backup

While there are many good backup solutions available for Mac OS X, Data Backup by Prosoft Engineering offers more features than many competing solutions. Not only does this software backup your data, it can also compress, synchronize and encrypt your data as well. These added features make it a top data backup choice for Mac OS X. To learn more and download this software, Please click here!

Best Android Backup App - Super Backup!

Super Backup is one of the best Android backup tools as it offers many features in the free version that others require you to pay to access. One of our favorite features is the ability to backup data to your Gmail account. In addition Super Backup also let's you save data to the SD card or your computer. It offers free automated backups on your custom schedule. Very few Android apps offer this in their free version. While Super Backup has ads, they are not too obnoxious or overbearing. The free version of their software does not hold back on any features. The premium edition removes ads.

Download Super Backup

Backup Your XBMC - Kodi Data Folder

As great as XBMC is for media streaming, unfortunately it can take quite a bit of time and tweaking to get it setup just the way you like. Luckily, it's really easy to backup your add-ons, thumbnails and preferences. If you should accidentally delete settings, add-ons or experience other problems with XBMC, restoring it to the way it was when it was working perfect is easy. Simply copy and paste a folder and you will be right back to where you were. Watch the videos below to see just how easy it is to do.

Backup XBMC on Android TV Box

Backup XBMC in Windows 7

Data Recovery Services as a Last Resort

When all else fails and you find yourself without a backup, data recovery may be your last option before your data forever disappears into cyberspace. Provided your hard drive did not completely die, data recovery can easily be done at home with the right software. It's important to note that once you realize you deleted something important and don't have a backup, stop using your computer until you can run the recovery software to try and restore your data. This way you will not overwrite your data increasing your chances of successfully getting it back again.

It's important to realize that just because you delete a file in your trash can this does not mean it's really gone. To truly eliminate a file from further recovery it needs to be not only deleted, it also needs to be overwritten 7 or more times. This is why they make secure erasing software that does this for you. Mac OS X offers a secure erase function right from the finder. To secure erase files just click on your Trash can icon, then click Finder / Secure Erase.

There are also disk tools that will securely wipe out and erase an entire disk. It's always a good idea to securely erase a hard drive before selling or disposing a computer. This prevents someone with data recovery tools to simply recover and snoop through your sensitive data.

Even these tools are not used much any more by corporate IT departments as they take a lot of time. The safest way to render a data storage device useless is drill a few holes through it. Or, you can also crush it in a vice.

Best Data Recovery Software for Windows - Recuva

This top rated Free software can easily be used at home to recover data. Recuva can recover data from a formatted hard drive. What makes this software even more useful is it can recover deleted files from mobile phone memory cards, camera cards, CDs and DVDs, and external drives. Recuva can take care of most of your data recovery needs.

Download and Learn More about Recuva

Best Data Recovery Software for Mac OS X - Data Rescue 4

If you want to invest in the best data recovery software with more industry awards and one of the highest user ratings, look no further than Data Rescue 4. This software is rated Number 1 by Forensic Recovery teams, and IT professionals worldwide. No matter which Mac you have, Data Rescue 4 can recover deleted files and restore them better than their competitors. It comes preconfigured and ships on a USB Flash drive so it's portable and can be used anywhere.

Learn more about this top rated Hard Drive Data Recovery Software for Mac OS X.

Our hope is you never have to experience the frustration of lost irreplaceable data. If this should ever happen, hopefully one of these hard drive data recovery services we mentioned will quickly help you get back on track.

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