Why Roku Outsells It's Competitors

5 Reasons Roku Outsells It's Competitors

Roku, one of the most successful streaming media companies of our time, continues to leaves it's competitors behind.

Roku Competitors

When it comes to media streamers, one only need do a quick search on Amazon to find page after page of many different makes and models. Have you ever wondered why Roku continues to dominate the crowded media streaming market? Here are 5 reasons Roku will continue to outsell it's competitors for a very long time to come.

Out of all the media streamers out there, Roku has a very simple, intuitive and easy to use graphical user interface that makes it one of the easiest to use. From grandkids to grandparents, using a Roku is straightforward and requires very little technical knowhow. If you can change channels on a TV, you can easily figure out how to use a Roku.

Without question, Roku has one of the largest listing of channels available. With brand new channels released almost every day, there is no other media streamer that even comes close to touching Roku for sheer content. For example, take a look at our huge and ever growing Roku Private Channels List to give you an idea of the wide range of channels available. Roku has channels covering most topics from Religion to Adult and everything in between.

The many things a Roku can do is actually quite amazing. In the videos and article links listed below, you will see five pretty incredible things a Roku is capable of.

Top Five Things to Do With Roku

  1. Link your favorite Cable TV channels to your Roku if you just happen have know someone with a cable TV account (wink, wink). There are actually quite a few cable channels you can add with a range of providers. These channels will show full cable content on your Roku.

    Click here for all Roku cable channels and providers they work with

  2. Add Adult Channels and watch sexy movies on Roku. Roku is home to a long list of private Adult channels that offer great adult content for Roku owners.

  3. Use your Roku to stream from BitTorrent through a secure cloud account using Put.io which is as safe as using a VPN. Watch videos, shows, podcasts and more almost instantly.

    Learn about BitTorrent on Roku using Put.io…

  4. If you have a computer, you can use your Roku with Playon to play many more channels. Playon needs to run on a fast windows computer for best performance.

    Learn more About Playon…

  5. Better yet, use your Roku with Plex on a computer and the Unsupported App store. This gives you full access to movies and TV shows with channels like IceFilms and 1Channel. For a Free Roku Plex channel alternative use RarFlix

Here is a List of all the Plug-ins from the Plex Unsupported App Store.

Add Plex to Your Roku…

While there are some other pretty good media streamers out there, our other favorites are the Quad Core Android TV models from Minix and SkyStreamX. Although while quite good, they still don't have the mojo to make them as popular or widely sold as Roku media streamers. 

That's not to say you can't do some great things with Android TV streamers. You can actually install some really great apps for watching TV and movies. Or, install XBMC with a ton of incredible Add-ons. Android boxes do require a bit more initial fiddling and technical knowledge to get the most out of them. Once setup though, they are really a lot of fun.

The closest media streamer that was plug-in-play ready out of the box and a direct Roku competitor was the Apple TV. Unfortunately Apple has dropped the ball and chosen not to vigorously pursue the media streaming market lately. 

Until we see a major update to the Apple TV hardware and Apple decides to allow private developers to add their own apps and channels the way Roku has, Apple is just another competitor left behind in Roku's shadow.

If you do not yet own a Roku, we highly recommend the amazing  Roku 3! Once you own a Roku, only then will you you really begin to find out what you have been missing.

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