Ugoos UT3 Rockchip RK3288 Cortex-A17 Quad Core Android Box

Ugoos UT3 Rockchip RK3288 ARM Cortex-A17 Quad Core Android Box

Our first look at the flagship Ugoos UT3 Android Media Streamer

The Quad core Ugoos UT2 was our first introduction to the speed and performance of Quad core Android TV boxes. Once we saw everything you could do with an Android TV box versus a much more restricted Apple TV we were hooked on the Android platform. We were excited to have the opportunity to get our hands on a brand new Model UT3 from Ugoos with a super fast Rockchip RK3288 Quad core CPU.

The quality of the UT3 is evident before you even open the box. Ugoos improved the packaging and went from a rather plain white and green two color cardboard box included with the UT2, to a more high tech flat black package along with multi-colored graphics. The newly designed box gives the Ugoos UT3 an added touch of class which is now evident before you even remove it from the box. Their packaging is now every bit on par with Minix which really is their closest competitor.

ugoos ut3
Ugoos UT3
ugoos ut2
Ugoos UT2
When you open the box, the first thing you notice about the Ugoos UT3 is the shape and size has changed significantly from the UT2. It now has a sleeker more modern look, although we really liked the aluminum frame construction and quality feel of the UT2. 

The case on the Ugoos UT3 has a more rounded polished plastic look. We were glad to see that the top even though it has a geometric design was black and not red like their earlier prototypes showed. We still would have preferred a flat back top with no design. Although overall, it still looks very well built and would not look the slightest bit out of place sitting next to a 4 thousand dollar UHD 4K LED television.

One thing we were really glad to see they improved upon was the remote control. Gone was the flimsy looking remote with the colored buttons at the top that came with the UT2. Instead Ugoos decided to provide the UT3 with nice flat black simple to operate remote.  Android boxes really have never had the best remotes and while the remote on the UT3 is many times nicer looking and works fine at close range, we still highly recommend a wireless or bluetooth mouse to control your Android box. Or, a keyboard/touchpad combo like the excellent and popular FAVI Smartstick.

Ugoos decided to use the 1.8GHz Rockchip RK3288 ARM Cortex-A17 Quad core CPU in their UT3. Minix went with a Amlogic S802-H 2.0GHz (Cortex-A9) in their top of the line X8-H Android TV box. There is a lot of debate back and forth which is the faster of the two chips. Ugoos actually ran some over-clocking tests on the RK3288 and with a small fan was able to run the RK3288 fine at 2.0GHz with no increase in temperature. You can read more about this test here.


Ugoos Industrial, besides building their own brand and also builds a line of Quad and Dual core streaming media boxes for many OEMs. Some you may have heard of or even ran across some of these on Amazon with names such as MX, MK, M8 and 4K.


Like Minux, Ugoos offers quality firmware updates and there is  very good support forum should you run up against any issues at allminipc .


Performance wise we noticed a nice increase with the UT3 over the UT2. The menus felt snappier and it booted faster than the UT2 and in real life use we did not see any significant differences between it and the Minix X8-H. The new Ugoos launcher is awesome, and much nicer on the UT3 than what came with the UT2. The Minix launcher is still our favorite and it can be downloaded and installed on your Android TV box from here.

If you are new to Android TV, we recommend taking a look at these Best Android Apps for Free Movie Streaming to see some of the great stuff available for this platform.

We have not yet had a chance to test the new UT3 with XBMC although the apps and videos we tried played flawlessly. Another thing we can't wait to test is the 4K Ultra HD support. This will hopefully happen later this year when we may finally get our hands on a 4K UHD TV. 

All in all Ugoos has made some rather nice improvements with their new UT3. As each new generation of Android TV box comes out, it's great to see the platform evolving. It puts further pressure on streaming industry leaders like Roku and Apple TV. Neither has yet to release any Quad core hardware of their own. (hint hint…)

Ugoos has made a name for itself as a leading supplier of Android TV boxes. The UT3 is a worthy addition and successor to showcase their brand name in the Android streaming media player market.


Clockspeedup to 2.0Ghz
No. of Cores4
Graphics TypeIntegrated Graphics MaliT764, Supports 4K video (3840*2160)
Power90-230V,50/60Hz input, max. power: 30W, Output: 5V/2A
Operation systemAndroid 4.4
SoftwareSupports Android Market Google Play, Supports Adobe Flash 11, Built-in 3D Accelerator. Supports 3D gaming, Gmail, POP3/SMTP/IMAP4.
MultimediaFull video format decoding support. Support H.265 hardware decoding. Support format MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4,H.263, H.264, AVS, VC-1, RV, VP6/VP8, Sorenson Spark, MVC 


The UT3 costs $150 and is available directly from Ugoos on Amazon

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