Bypass Geo-Blocking with Unlocator DNS Services

Bypass Geo-Blocking with Unlocator DNS Services

Let The Stream Flow Free

by Steven Jimmy Docherty

What Netflix are You Using?

Like so many, I started streaming with Netflix on my PS3 and Xbox 360 until a friend asked me "what Netflix are you using?" I was much confused by this and thought he must be talking about what am I using Netflix on. The confusion never cleared up much when he started going on about DNS services settings (which I am sure many of you are familiar with by now) and the crazed hunt for new ones when the old ones pack it in. Oh what fun, NOT!

The Joys of DNS Spoofing!

Like many who discovered the wonderful joys of DNS spoofing there was a drive to find out what else is out there and what we're missing out on. So I got a little more intimate with my Smart TV and my Android device and there was fun to be had there. Although the TV was limited and the Android wasn't. 

So I had to evolve and the next logical step was an Android Smart Dongle. The Smart Dongle was fun and opened a few new doors for me as I found more geo-restricted apps and a few other app stores. 

KODI caught my eye and prompted me to get my hands on a Raspberry Pi as the Dongle never had the memory to run it properly. The Pi soon became a pain and was happy to crash and often required being set up from scratch again. (Not dissing the Pi here, it's a nice device but lets be honest, it came about to teach kids about programming and not to provide a massive Sci-Fi geek with his fix).

DNS Services

Bypass Geo-Blocking with Unlocator

Enter the Roku ULTRA a jaw dropping piece of kit with lots to offer as well if you are in the States. Sadly I wasn't, but no big deal I thought, I will just change the DNS. WHAT IT HAS NO DNS!!! Well lets be honest, the Roku has evolved from its earlier models and the failures of many streaming players that came before it. 

Yes I too was mystified by the lack of this. Still I had a look around the internet for a fix on this and discovered which was free while in the Beta stage. Unlocator had a fix for Roku and its geo-restriction blocking with a great step-by-step guide. They also cover many many other devices and routers and.....

Well have a look, they are out of Beta now and offer a subscription at a great price and you can get a 7 day Free Trial by clicking here.

Plus if you use the coupon code: mkvxstream which will give you an additional 20% discount on the first purchase.

Casting with Chomecast and Showbox and AllCast

I was compelled to purchase a Chromecast as a fix for visiting friends and family so I wouldn't have to deal with scheduled programs laced with adverts soaking up my soul. I found that the Chromecast much like the Roku was void of its own DNS settings and relied on that of the router, not a problem! 

Unfortunately the Chromecast was limited with apps.  I got looking about the interweb to see what I could do with it and casting from my Android cell phone was one option. I could watch all the embarrassing drunk videos I made and that one 20 second porn clip I forgot I had! As good as all that sounded, I discovered I could also cast to my Roku (it just got real). Luckily, I found an app in the play store "Cartoon HD", its gone now for good but I'm sure a few of you will have good memories of it and its clone "HD Cartoon". 

This was all great but got me hunting for more and I quickly found them. Showbox was the Holy Grail of them and is still up and running today. Now with third party APK's casting them with the native software wasn't happening but luckily I found AllCast in the Google Play App Store. You can get this app free but only plays the first 15 seconds of video and the in app purchase is less than you would pay for a pint of cold beer.

Now one thing I discovered about AllCast is you can also stream to Xbox 360 and many other devices. There are also other apps there that I use from the Android, but I favor Showbox to them. They are nice to have should Showbox ever go down. I'm backed up with TV Portal and VideoMix. Both will let you cast and have a large and continually updated library but lack the tidy GUI which ShowBox has.

So that was me, happy with my Android alongside AllCast to stream to my Chromecast or Roku 3, for now.......

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