Sony PlayStation 4 as a DLNA Media Player / Streamer

Sony PlayStation 4 as a DLNA Media Player

Users report PlayStation 4 is a screaming fast incredible gaming machine. How does it perform as a media player compared to a PS3?

There was no question the PlayStation 3 was a fantastic media player. Many users built their entire home entertainment centers around it. The PS3 had firmware that was DLNA compliant and could stream your media files on your network. This gave the PS3 incredible functionality that went far beyond it's original intended purpose as a gaming machine. As a media player/streamer, the PS3 was pretty hard to beat. (Learn more about DLNA here)

PlayStation 4 DNLA Streaming Media Player

For some unknown reason, Sony decided to remove DLNA from their firmware when they released the PlayStation 4. This caused quite an uproar, which took them somewhat by surprise. They have since hinted that they will be adding DLNA features back into a future PS4 firmware upgrade. While the PlayStation 4 works great for streaming content from Netflix, Hulu, Vudu and Amazon, you can still have access to your DLNA content by using the following instructions to create a workaround.

Stream your DLNA videos to your Play Station 4


PS4 and Plex Setup Instructions:


Step 1 - Download Plex Media Server for PC or Mac, or NAS. Install it and set up your media directory through the Settings before signing into Plex.

Step 2 - Go to your web browser on your PS4, visit and sign-in. In your browser on your PS4, access your media server and bam you now have access to all your DLNA media from your PlayStation 4.

While this may not be as nice as having access to your DLNA videos from the firmware, at least for now it's a workaround that will increase the usefulness of the PS4 and give you full access to your video library. 

Netflix on a PlayStation 4

Install Netflix on PlayStation 4

Netflix is the best thing going today for cord cutters. Think of Netflix as your own online movie rental store that offers unlimited viewing for only $8 a month. The huge amount of content in their catalog which contains both movies and multiple season on many great TV shows all without commercials will ensure you never run out of great stuff to watch.

Netflix Installation Instructions


Before you begin, make sure your PS4 is connected to the internet by Wi-Fi or Ethernet and your signed into your Sony Entertainment Network Account.

Step 1 - On your Home Screen, select [TV & Video] and click on the d-pad of you PS4 controller.

Step 2 - Choose [Netflix] from the list and click the (X) button.

Step 3 - Choose [Download] and click the (X) button. You will see a progress bar appear on the screen and be notified when Netflix has completed downloading. It will then automatically install and you will be notified again when it has finished installing.

Step 4 - Click the PS Button once to go back to the TV & Video menu. Your Netflix App is there and ready for use.

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