Top Five Best Movie Subscription Services

Top Five Best Movie Subscription Services

Watch Tons of Movies and TV for a Low Monthly Fee

For Cable cutters, subscribing to one or more of these services is necessary unless you choose to download or stream your content from questionable sites. For those that have not yet made the cut, most streaming services offer commercial free on demand programming. Watch entire seasons of your favorite TV show back to back. Or, choose from what seems link an endless supply of movies streamed right into your living room. With a huge selection of new and old movies available to watch instantly, it will make you wonder why it took you so long to cut your cable TV service.

Be sure to see our media streaming comparison guide for a chart that compares these streaming subscription services in more detail. 

Here is a brief summary of the five best streaming services for watching Movies and TV shows from the internet. In alphabetical order, click titles to visit sites: 

amazon instant video offers a large library of video content

You do not need to pay a monthly subscription to rent and stream current movies or TV shows from Amazon. Their video library is huge and currently they have over 30,000 movies and TV shows. Amazon offers a free 30 day trial to their Prime Service which costs $79.00 annually. In addition to letting you watch much more of their video library for free. 

Prime members receive:

  • FREE Two-Day Shipping on millions of items
  • No minimum order size
  • Unlimited instant streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows with Prime Instant Video
  • A Kindle book to borrow for free each month from the Kindle Owners' Lending Library
Movie rentals for newer content not included in their Prime subscription are $3.99 for SD and a $4.99 for HD. Tip - Use the search term "Free" to find free movies on Amazon Instant. 

Hulu Plus

hulu plus offer current TV shows with commercial ads

For watching entire current seasons of hit shows, Hulu Plus is your best bet. The downside is you will need to sit through limited commercial ads. They also offer a free trial, although it is only for 1 week. Hulu recently redesigned their software and it is a lot more stable and better than it was. Their monthly subscription fee is $7.99 and you can cancel anytime. Their inventory is not as large as Netflix or Amazon Instant Video, yet for watching current shows at a great low monthly rate Hulu Plus rocks.

Netflix offers a huge library of movies and older TV shows

What makes Netflix a great deal is not only do they have Movies, they also have many years worth of complete television series. All of their content is commercial free. They also offer a free 30 day trial. Their subscription fee is only $7.99 a month. Netflix and also Amazon are starting to deliver content made especially for them. Watch complete original TV series that are actually very good. They do not offer the option to rent current newly released videos as does Amazon and Vudu. Most of their TV shows are one or two seasons old. For watching current seasons Hulu Plus is a better choice as they are available the next day. Their content is DVD/HD quality although not as high as VUDU HDX. Click here to see what's new and popular on Netflix right now.


new kid on the block Redbox instant streaming has a limited video library

Redbox has shut down their streaming service last year. They still offer online movie rentals which will let you hold a DVD movie at your nearest pickup spot. They still offer very reasonable prices to rent DVDs. Streaming movies online from Amazon Instant, VUDU, Hulu or Netflix still is way better than needing to pick up and return DVDs. Although for those folks that want to watch newer movies cheaper than what they can rent them through cable or satellite, or have not yet bought a media streamer, Redbox still makes a lot of sense.

vudu best movie subscription service for HDX quality

VUDU is currently offering 10 Free Pre Selected Movies when you Sign Up. There is no monthly fee and new movie rentals cost $3.99 for SD, $4.99 for HD and $5.99 for HDX. VUDU's high resolution format is HDX for streaming 720p and 1080p movies. HDX offers a higher bit rate than most of it's competitors and is almost Blue-ray quality. Check out a simulated image that shows the difference in detail between their SD content and HDX. While VUDU offers a good library of movies, they do not have quite the same level of content as Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and Hulu Plus. 


Recently YouTube also started offering viewers the option to rent movies. Here is a tip to watch free movies on YouTube. Visit this link and in the search bar type Free, for a list of Free movies playing on YouTube!

Which Movie Subscription Service is Best?

One can ask 5 people who stream their movie and television content from the internet which service they prefer, and most likely get 5 different answers. We currently subscribe to Netflix as we like watching our content commercial free and are satisfied with the amount of content available. We also occasionally rent a newly released movie on Amazon Instant Video. We would be equally happy using any of these subscription services to watch movies and TV shows, although it would be difficult to choose and use only one.

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