HD DVR - Best Options for Cord Cutters

HD DVR - Best Options for Cord Cutters

Replacement DVR for TV Cord Cutters

Here are the BEST DVR's for 2017!

So you decided to cut your Cable TV or Satellite, and are extremely happy with the extra money you are saving each month. Unfortunately, you may still find yourself missing your Tivo or Cable company provided DVR. Help is on the way with these excellent HD DVR solutions that will have you quickly pausing, recording and time shifting your favorite live television shows in no time at all.

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When it comes to high definition DVRs, up until recently choices have been pretty slim. Now that cord cutting is more than a passing fad, manufacturers are starting to take notice and are bringing new devices to market that can help fill this void.

Most of these devices will record free over the air HD TV using a built in tuner. An HD antenna is required to receive these channels. Depending on how far away local television stations are, a small antenna behind a TV is all that may be required. For some areas, a larger attic or roof antenna with an electric rotator may be required. Click here to see which antenna is needed to receive over the air TV reception in your area

TiVo Roamio HD DVR and Streaming Media Player

  • Contains a 500GB Hard Drive and will record 75 hours in HD and 500 hours in SD
  • Has (4 tuners)and will record up to four shows at a time

  • This model will record free over the air HD channels from an HD antenna or will work with digital cable and Verizon FIOS 
  • Comes with these apps: Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, Pandora, Spotify plus more 
  • Built-in WiFi

  • With Tivo a monthly fee is required for the guide service or it can be purchased with a one time Lifetime fee which is good for entire life of the unit. 

    Only the TiVo Roamio, not the Plus or the Pro will record over the air TV. Click here to learn more.


    Home Theater Personal Computers are much like any other computer except they are often smaller and dedicated to streaming media duty. An HTPC is more flexible and can be used with an unlimited variety of applications. They let you watch pretty much any Internet TV video TV channel, and work with a many more video formats than a typical media streamer will. With the right software like Windows Media Center, Myth TV or if using a Mac, EyeTV they can make the perfect DVR often with no monthly fees.

    An HTPC also requires a PCI Internal Tuner Card or an external network tuner like the excellent HDHomeRun.

    Popular HTPC HD DVRs :

  • Mac Mini - Quiet, Small and Malware Free
  • Matricom G-Box Sigma E350 - Tiny, Affordable Linux Based

  • USTVNow Cloud Based DVR

    USTVNow is a cable TV alternative that has a nice selection of channels. It provides many of the same channels that are typically offered from Satellite or Cable. Their software works on any Mac or Windows PC and they even have a Roku channel to watch these live streaming channels on your TV. For $10 more a month, you get a virtual DVR that will record live TV onto their cloud server. Sign up for a free 45 day trial to watch USTVNow live streaming HD network television today.

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