Graboid vs Sickbeard for Downloading Movies from Usenet

Graboid vs Sickbeard for Downloading Movies

Graboid is a Usenet Search Engine app that let's you play movies directly as they are being downloaded from Usenet. Usenet is a worldwide internet discussion system that along with messages, many people will upload binary files in multiple parts, often referred as Par or Par2 files. These files can then be downloaded and reassembled to build complete files. Once assembled, they can form eBooks, movies, music, photos or applications.  Graboid takes this process a step further by allowing movies to stream as during the download process. After the first file is downloaded, it begins streaming the first part even before the entire file is completely downloaded.

Pros and Cons of Using Graboid

The issue with Usenet for those looking for legal downloads, is many of these uploaded files are not legal and are often pirated and many times incomplete. While it is much safer to download from Usenet than from an unprotected torrent site as your IP address is not sharing any files. The content can contain viruses just like any other downloaded file from the net although Graboid takes steps to ensure that content downloaded through their app is virus and spyware free.  The app is free to download for both Mac and PC and Graboid offers a Free limited trial for 30 days or 2,000MBs. The trial and their lower cost plans will not allow downloads of HD movies. 

After the trial is over, the application will start nagging you to choose from one of a few Graboid upgrade plans. It will also ask to install questionable 3rd party tools and add-on applications. Their basic plans can cost from $10 and their premium plans cost $20 or more a month depending on bandwidth used.

Sickbeard Better Alternative to Graboid

For those that want to download TV shows from Usenet we recommend Sickbeard as a better alternative. Once set up it will watch for shows and episodes and then automatically download those shows as they come available in the quality chosen just like a DVR. The process if fully automated and with SABnzbd download client app, it will even UnRar and place completed files into folders. Sickbeard can be installed on many NAS drives as well as Macs or PCs. It is completely free and can take advantage of the free Usenet accounts included by internet providers.

CouchPotato for Movies
This App works similar to Sickbeard except it's just for finding and downloading Usenet movies.

Complicated Install

Getting Sickbeard, Couchpotato and SABnzbd installed takes some time and it can be a rather tedious complicated process to get everything working 100% correctly. For some this may be worth the effort. For others it may lead to unnecessarily frustration and they will be better off with alternative streaming solutions

To learn more about SickBeard watch video below.

Sickbeard and CouchPotato Vs Netflix or Hulu Plus

For ease of use and an uncomplicated install, Netflix or Hulu Plus are much better options for many users. The low cost $9 monthly fee, make both Netflix and Hulu easier alternatives to Sickbeard and less expensive than Graboid for watching movies and TV.

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