Twonky Beam - Air Sharing for Roku

Twonky Beam - Air Sharing for Roku

Twonky Beam -  Air Streaming Roku Channel

Twonky Beam, is a great app for Android and iOS, which makes it possible to stream videos to the Roku much like Air-Play.

The new Twonky Beam app now works with Roku players as well as Microsoft’s Xbox 360. This means users will now be able to beam all sorts of video content straight from their iOS iPad, iPhone, along with Kindle Fire or Android enabled mobile devices right to their Xboxes and Roku players.

With the recent demise of the popular channels on Roku,  Twonkey Beam and Plex are currently the best way to watch video content on Roku from the Internet.

Instructions to install Twonky Beam Channel on your Roku device:

twonky install step 1
Unless you have already logged in, you will be asked to log into your Roku account before the Twonky channel will install.
twonky beam install step 2
Install the Twonky channel on your Roku box using the install link below.
twonky install step 3

Add Twonky Roku Channel: Click here »

twonky install step 4
On your Roku box, enter the Channel Store, then exit it. You should see a "Checking for updates..." message followed by the Twonky Roku channel is in the process of being installed.

twonky beam install step 5
You should see the Twonky Roku channel icon on the very end of your channel list.

To see your personal Twonky channels, playlists, and bookmarks, link the app to your Twonky portal account:

twonky beam install step 1
Download the iTunes App » or Android App then start the application and click the "About Channel" icon from the first screen. Choose "Connect MyTwonky Account" from the next screen.

twonky beam install step 2
If you are not already logged into your Twonky User account, enter your user name and password information when asked. Click here to register or log into Twonky »

twonky install step 3

You should see a web page asking you to enter an activation code. Enter the code that was displayed on the Roku screen. Click on submit.
twonky beam install step 4
If the operation was successful, the Roku app should recognize it and show a message confirming success. You can also click "Done" to force an immediate check of account link status.

twonky beam install step 5
Once linked, you should see additional top level carousel items like "My Channels", "My Playlists", and "My Bookmarks"
If you wish to remove your user account from your Roku player, go back to the "About Channel" screen and choose "Disconnect MyTwonky Account".

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