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Hal Brady Ministries
Presenting the Good News of Jesus Christ and Offering Encouragement in a Fresh and Vital Way. Roku Channel Code: halbrady  [Add Channel]
Harvest Christian Center
Teaching you to Love God, Love People, and Love Life.   [Add Channel]
HIS Radio
Contemporary Christian Music. [Add Channel]
Holy Coran
Read the Holy Coran on Roku. [Add Channel]
Holy Spirit and Fire TV
Miracles, Healing, Signs and Wonders Teaching About the Holy Spirit. [Add Channel]
Hebraic Roots Network - Live
Hebrew Roots Teaching the Torah and Yeshua (Jesus) to the Nations. [Add Channel]
HRN On Demand
Messianic / Hebrew Roots Teachings. [Add Channel]
Christian Music Theater Videos.. Roku Channel Code: humanvid [Add Channel]
It's Supernatural! Network
Hundreds of Shows Christian Ministry. [Add Channel]
Keys to Kingdom Living
Teaching Ministry Sharing the Revelation of Christ with the Nations.
Roku Channel Code: keystokingdomliving [Add Channel]
Jack Van Impe Ministries International
The Bible Prophecy Portal on Roku. Roku Channel Code: JACKVANIMPE  [Add Channel]
Jerusalem Channel
On-Demand Video of the Preachings of Christine Darg Exploits Ministry.
Roku Channel Code: jerusalemchannel  [Add Channel]
Jesus 101
Introducing People to the Real Jesus of the Gospel.   [Add Channel]
Jesus Live Network
Videos and Radio Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.   [Add Channel]
John 3:16
Sermons from John C. Vaughn Evangelistic Association.
Roku Channel Code: YYNUM3 [Add Channel]
Kim Clement TV
New Age Prophet Kim Clement, Song and Piano Ministries.
Roku Channel Code: kctv [Add Channel]
Kingdom TV Network
Spanish Christian Radio. Roku Channel Code: HHTRU [Add Channel]
Legacy Christian Church
Faith Community of One Love! One Love for God and One Love for People
Roku Channel Code: legacy [Add Channel]
Life Church
Looking for a Home? There's a place for you at
Roku Channel Code: lifechurchtv [Add Channel]
Living Water
Southern Gospel Music and the Word. [Add Channel]
Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Los Angeles. Channel Code: logostv [Add Channel]
Living Faith Television
Christian Television Network based in Abingdon,Virginia. [Add Channel]
Living Word Family Church
Audio Teachings of What God has in Store for Your Family.
Channel Code: livingwordfamily [Add Channel]
McLean Bible Church
Evangelical Christian Church in the Washington, DC Area. Code: mbc [Add Channel]
MorningStar TV
MorningStar Ministries. Roku Channel Code: mstv [Add Channel]
Number 1 Christian HipUp Music and Videos.
Roku Channel Code: QP3JF [Add Channel]
NAMS Network
Global Pioneering Community to Strengthen and Assist the Faithful.
Roku Channel Code: nams [Add Channel]
Nation of Islam
Muhammad, Lewis, Fard, Jesus, Muslim Religion. Official News from NOI.
Roku Channel Code: noitv [Add Channel]
Newman Connection
Catholic Campus Ministry. Roku Channel Code: newmanconnection [Add Channel]
Parables TV
"Channel Features Christian Faith-Based Movies and Entertainment."
Roku Channel Code: nacd [Add Channel]
Pastor Sean Condran Office Radio
Inspirational listening through the word and music. Code: HC5KVX [Add Channel]
Preach The Word Worldwide TV
The Best in Christian Television for the Entire Family. [Add Channel]
Prophetic Reality TV
"Where The Unseen Is More Real Than The Seen." [Add Channel]
Northland Church
Church Services From Longwood, FL. Roku Code: nacd [Add Channel]
Quran Recitations
Online Holy Quran Recitation in Arabic with English Subs.
Roku Channel Code: quran1 [Add Channel]
What Love Is This. Roku Code: CHPQGV [Add Channel]
Reigning in Life
Cornerstone Church of Johnson City, TN Roku Code: reigninginlife [Add Channel]
Dedicated to Broadcasting the Word of God. [Add Channel]
Sabbath School TV
Weekly Seventh-day Adventist Sabbath School classes. [Add Channel]
Saddleback Church
Live Services with Pastor Rick Warren. [Add Channel]
Saint Anthony Catholic Church
Live and On Demand Services from Saint Anthony Church Lakeland, FL. [Add Channel]
Salvation Online
Evangelize and Educate Final Events Before Christ's Return. [Add Channel]
Seventh-day Adventist TV
Adventist Teachings, Principles, Questions. Code: 7thdayadventisttv [Add Channel]
Shiloh Ministries
Non Denominational Church Services from Mercer, Pennsylvania.
Roku Channel Code: shilohministries [Add Channel]
SonLife Broadcasting Network
Extension of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries. Roku Channel Code: sonlife [Add Channel]
Sonido de la Unidad - The Voyce
Spanish Contemporary Christian Music. Roku Channel Code: wvyc [Add Channel]
Prophecy and News in Today's World. [Add Channel]
Sparkhouse Family
Kid-friendly faith-based videos. [Add Channel]
SpeakFaith TV
Uncompromising Word of Faith Message. Roku Code: speakfaithtv [Add Channel]
Sugar Creek Baptist Church
Presenting God's Word. [Add Channel]
Soulful Praise
Traditional and Contemporary Gospel Music. Roku Code: soulfulpraise [Add Channel]
Southern Baptist
Southern Baptist churches around the world. Code: southernbaptist [Add Channel]
Straight Ministry Heat
DJ I Rock Jesus and His Ministry Music for Life. Code: voycesmh [Add Channel]
The Catholic Channel
Content and Media from Catholic Churches, Parishes and Synods. [Add Channel]
The Church of The Resurrection
Teaching Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith. Roku Code: resurrection [Add Channel]
TCT Ministries
Inspirational Television. Roku Channel Code: tct [Add Channel]
The Ex-Mormon Files
Journeys from Mormonism to Jesus Christ. Roku Code: 2MQQKN [Add Channel]
The Fort
Teachings from the Fort Des Moines, IA Church of Christ. [Add Channel]
The Grace Factor
Focusing on the Power of God's Grace. Roku Channel Code: FQSYV [Add Channel]
The Holy Bible K.J.V.
Read the Entire King James Bible, On Your TV in Large or Small Font. [Add Channel]
The Holy Tales Bible
Animated Bible Stories. [Add Channel]
The House of Yaweh
Sermons and M & W Classes. Roku Channel Code: qnqrw [Add Channel]
The Impact Network
Streaming Impacting the Spirt Soul and Body.
Roku Channel Code: impact [Add Channel]
The Israel Channel
Reports and Updates about Israel. Roku Channel Code: messianicchannel [Add Channel]
The Messianic Channel
United Methodist Church of Life. Roku Channel Code: messianicchannel [Add Channel]
The Story of Liberty Lite
Christian Historical Videos Show the True History of America
Roku Channel Code: storyoflibertylite [Add Channel]
The Torah Portion Channel
Notzari Jewish Channel. Roku Code: TorahPortions [Add Channel]
The Voyce Radio
Live Christian Internet Radio. Roku Channel Code: voyce [Add Channel]
UANetwork TV
Faith & Family Based TV for all Ages. Roku Code: uanetwork [Add Channel]
United Methodist Church
Worldwide United Methodist Churches. Roku Code: unitedmethodist [Add Channel]
URA Church
URA Church - Believers Changing Lives. Roku Channel Code: urachurch [Add Channel]
Watchman Broadcasting
Christian Network in the Central Savannah River Area
Roku Channel Code: watchmenbroadcasting [Add Channel]
Water of Life Ministries
Water of Live Community Church Fontana, CA
Roku Channel Code: wateroflife [Add Channel]
Welcome to Grace
Believer's Guide to Understanding God's Word
Roku Channel Code: welcometograce [Add Channel]
Westside Family Church
Westside Family Church, Lenexa, KS. Roku Channel Code: wfc [Add Channel]
WLSG Homecoming Gospel
Homecoming Gospel Music. Roku Code: wlsg [Add Channel]
Women's Bible Study
Connecting The Dots Women's Bible Study helping women know God's word.
Roku Channel Code: connectingthedots [Add Channel]
World Events Prophecy Channel
Connecting The Dots Women's Agabus Ministries thru Preaching, Teaching and Music, Sharing the end-time Gospel of Jesus Christ. [Add Channel]
Worldview Weekend Tube & Radio
World's Premier Biblical Worldview, Web-Based, Radio, and Television.
Roku Channel Code: wvwtube [Add Channel]
Spanish Christian Music Videos. [Add Channel]
Video on Demand, Live Conference, Webcasts from xpministries. [Add Channel]
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