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Antennas Direct - Ultimate Long Range Attic Antenna!

ClearStream™ 4V Extreme Range Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna will give you Free crystal clear HD TV from distant local network stations!

Long range attic antenna Clearstream 4v

We were so impressed by the Antennas Direct ClearStream Eclipse™ Amplified Sure Grip Indoor HDTV Antenna we decided to hook up their long range antenna in our attic to see just what it could do.

Having cut the cord for several years now, we love watching free over the air TV shows from local stations with an over the air antenna.
For those that may have not yet made the decision to kiss your local Cable TV provider goodbye. An over the air antenna, depending on your location will give you pretty much all the same channels you can get from a satellite provider's local channels bundle without a monthly fee.

That's right, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, PBS, CW and several others can all be picked up in crystal clear 1080P HD with an over the air antenna.

Why Attic Antennas are Sometimes Better Than Indoor and Outdoor Antennas

1. Attic Antennas Provide Better Reception than Indoor Antennas. The higher you can mount an antenna, the better reception it will get. Mounting an antenna in your attic is better than indoors because TV signals are not blocked by furniture, indoor walls and doors or wiring which can cause the signal to degrade.

2. Attic Antennas Don't Need to Be Grounded. Roof antennas need a separate wire that needs to be run from the antenna to a ground rod driven deep into the earth to protect your valuable equipment from getting damaged by lightning strikes.

3. More Aesthetically Pleasing. Attic antennas are tucked away out of sight and won't detract from your home's street appeal.

For the best very best signal quality, an outdoor antenna most of the time will outperform an indoor antenna. Many times an attic antenna is all you will really need though and it can save you a climb on top of your roof.

About Antennas Direct

Here is a quote from their website which tells you the history of their company in a paragraph.

In 2000, Richard Schneider, a home theater enthusiast, was fed up with the state of over-the-air technology, so he began tinkering with building antennas in the basement of his St. Louis suburban home. At the time, he thought he could have a hobby that would pay for the cost of a new projector (without his wife finding out), and he launched Antennas Direct® in 2003, with the goal of selling roughly 20 antennas per month. With millions of antennas sold and dozens of patents later, Richard’s hobby has changed the game of HDTV antenna technology.

Be sure to visit the AntennasDirect.com website to check out their full line of products.
They have a wide selection of antennas that will fill every need and budget to provide crystal clear HD TV over the air for free TV reception.

For our particular geographic location and distance to the TV towers, a longer range attic or roof antenna was pretty much the only solution if we wanted to get more of the "good channels". For the last several years we have been using an old 6' radio scanner antenna converted from 50 Ohms to 75 Ohms. While this worked fine and we were able to get every religious channel. Unfortunately, it was only able to pull in one of our local major broadcast networks (CBS).

When we saw comparable results from Antennas Direct paper thin ClearStream Eclipse Indoor antenna, we were pretty impressed. So much so  that it would make the climb into the dusty hot attic on a summer day worth it.

You can see our review of the ClearStream Eclipse Amplified Antenna here.

Several years ago we had a roof antenna and were able to receive CBS, PBS, ABC and NBC. When we decided to go with DirecTV it was taken down because "It Looked Ugly".

ClearStream™ 4 Extreme Range Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna

The ClearStream 4 Extreme Range antenna is ideal for attic installations and areas where heavy foliage can degrade your TV signal. It has a 70-mile range which for our location was perfect. Their specs exceed the furthest transmitter for the channel we wanted to receive which was less than 45 miles away.

If you would like to check which channels you can expect to receive near your location with an antenna. Visit the TVFool website. Once you enter your address and projected antenna height, it will give you a rough estimate on which type of antenna will work best for your location and the channels you can expect to receive.

The ClearStream 4 has a nice mounting bracket included. I was able to screw this to one of the trusses in our attic to get the antenna mounted as high up as possible. In general, the higher you can mount an over the air antenna the better.

When you open the box you will be greeted with a box of parts. Installation is pretty easy if you follow the excellent instructions. Or watch the video below which will show you how it's done.

Before we could see what this antenna was capable of, our TVs all required a full channel rescan. This is something that must be done when you first hook up an antenna or buy a new TV. It will then let the TV acquire any new channels that may have previously been blanked out. This is done by entering your television's settings menu and the automatic scan can take several minutes to find all the channels.

Once we finished scanning for new HD channels we were happy to see that we could now receive PBS, NBC and ABC all with a beautiful HD picture quality that rivals anything we previously had before from cable TV or satellite.

Antenna Amplifier Not Included

The ClearStream 4 is an unamplified antenna. If you use splitters or have longer cable runs, an amplifier is highly recommended to stop signal loss and can make a big difference. Otherwise, longer runs or splitters can result in a less than perfect picture by weakening antenna gain that can show up as noise and artifacts in your TV signal. It was already getting very warm in the attic so we did not test this antenna without an amplifier as we already had an amplifier hooked up like this one to our old antenna.

Be careful to order the correct Clearstream 4V model. This one comes with a pole mount and this model does not. The 4V antenna is also rated for outdoor use. If you already have an old compact satellite dish installed you no longer use, you can remove the dish portion and install this antenna right on the existing pole and use the old F cable. Since the old mast should already have been grounded, it will save you from needing to run a grounding wire.

The ClearStream 4V is another great Antenna from Antennas Direct in a small compact package that performs as well or better than antennas much larger in size!

If you would like to order this antenna or check out some of the other models Antennas Direct has available, you can find them on Amazon for a great price.

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