Where to Find Free Movies Online

Where to Find Free Movies Online

"Free movies online." This is something that is searched for on Google globally Nine Million, One Hundred Forty Thousand times a month. In the USA alone, there are Three Million, Three Hundred Fifty Thousand searches a month for free online movies. These numbers are staggering,  they show how much people really want to download, stream and play free movies on their Televisions,  Computers, iPhone, iPads or other mobile devices.

Free Movies Online
While there are many movies on torrent sites that can be downloaded at the risk of your IP address being recorded and a nasty gram sent to your home by your Internet Service Provider (ISP), many of which are now working with the RIAA and MPAA to police your internet downloads.

Don't worry, there are still many legitimate sources to find and stream Free Movies Online legally. As time goes by, and internet streaming becomes even more common it will only get easier to find more affordable or free media content online.

Where To Find Free Movies Online


Amazon Instant is a service you can sign up for and find many popular movies online  free for instant playback. The trick is how to find them. Do a search on Amazon Instant for "Free Movies". A list of free movies they are currently offering will come up. While these are not current movies, some were very popular and top box office hits. Free movies are constantly changing so be sure to do a new search every so often. With Roku simply add the Amazon Instant channel. No credit card or subscription is needed to watch free movies from Amazon instant.

Hulu Plus, is a paid monthly service that offers a free seven day trial. Be sure to take advantage of their free trial and stream free movies and TV shows.

Roku offers many free movie channels. Our Roku Channel list is quite long. To find Roku channels that offer free movies online, search our large Roku Private Channel List for "free movies" and be sure to add these channels to your Roku.

YouTube is also a great source of free movies. Do a search on YouTube for "public domain movies". These are movies that no longer are copyrighted and a bunch of older movies you may have never seen are there to watch on your computer or YouTube enabled media streamer. Since Roku can no longer get full YouTube access, the only work around is to install the VideoBuzz channel. Add the code Crackle and you will be able to choose from a large selection of free movies. To watch even more great YouTube content be sure to visit our most popular YouTube channels list.

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