ATSC 3.0 Is Revitalizing OTA TV, According to Parks Associates Analyst

ATSC 3.0 Is Revitalizing OTA TV, According to Parks Associates Analyst

It's the perfect time for Next Generation TV

ATSC 3.0 Good for Cord Cutters

Broadcasters and viewers will both be getting excited about ATSC 3.0 when it becomes more widely adopted.

According to Park Associates' new report, titled 'ATSC 3.0: Impact and Opportunity for Video Services,' one out of every five U.S. households using the internet owns a TV antenna. Additionally, 12% of households without an antenna plan to purchase one within the next six months.

Alan Bullock, a senior contributing analyst at Parks Associates, highlighted that the percentage of antenna owners has remained consistent over recent years. This stable audience offers broadcasters a reliable base at a time when they're losing revenue due to declining pay TV subscriptions and retransmission fees. Bullock also emphasized the potential of ATSC 3.0 in revitalizing broadcast TV.

For cord-cutters who've shifted away from pay TV, OTA reception serves as a preferred option. The report reveals that TV antenna owners spend an average of 6.4 hours per week watching OTA TV, which is close to the 7.6 hours spent weekly on on-demand streaming video content.

Approximately 30% of antenna owners prefer OTA for live news, while nearly 20% opt for it to watch live sports, TV shows, and movies, as per the report.

Highlighting the potential enhancements, the report notes that ATSC 3.0 could elevate the viewing experience by offering higher quality video, improved audio, and interactive features. This advancement has the potential to attract new OTA viewers.
With prices of streaming services increasing regularly, we more than likely could see a resurgence of cord cutters migrating away from platforms like Roku, in favor of TiVo boxes that can record unlimited content from an antenna for free.
The more the economy sours, the more likely this scenario plays out.

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