Challenges, Drawbacks, and Pitfalls of Cutting the Cord

Challenges, Drawbacks, and Pitfalls of Cutting the Cord

Also, 3 Tips and Tricks You Can Use to Make Cord Cutting Even Easier

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Cord-cutting has become a popular trend in recent years, as more and more people looking to ditch their cable or satellite TV subscriptions in favor of streaming services. While there are certainly benefits to cutting the cord, there are also some challenges, drawbacks, and pitfalls that should be considered. In this blog post, we'll explore some of these challenges and offer tips on how to navigate them.

Challenge 1: Not All Shows or Movies May Be Available

One of the biggest challenges of cord-cutting is that not all shows or movies may be available on streaming services. While services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video offer a wide variety of content, there may be certain shows or movies that are only available through a cable or satellite TV subscription. This can be frustrating for viewers who want to watch specific shows or movies.

Challenge Solution
Not all shows or movies may be available on streaming services
  • Research which shows or movies are available on which streaming services before subscribing
  • Consider subscribing to multiple services to gain access to a wider variety of content
  • Consider using a digital antenna to access over-the-air broadcast channels that may not be available on streaming services

Challenge 2: Difficulty Navigating the Various Streaming Options

Another challenge of cord-cutting is the sheer number of streaming options available. With so many different services to choose from, it can be difficult to navigate the various options and find the content you want to watch. This is especially true for viewers who want to watch specific shows or movies that may be spread across multiple services.

Challenge Solution
Difficulty navigating the various streaming options
  • Use streaming aggregators services like JustWatch or Reelgood to find where specific shows or movies are available
  • Consider subscribing to a service that offers live TV, like Sling TV Freestream or Hulu with Live TV, to get access to a wide variety of channels and content
  • Use the search function on individual streaming services to find specific shows or movies

Challenge 3: Buffering and Internet Connectivity Problems

Another potential challenge of cord-cutting is buffering and internet connectivity problems. Streaming services require a strong and stable internet connection in order to work properly, and viewers who experience connectivity issues may find that their streams are interrupted or that the video quality is poor. This can be frustrating for viewers who want to watch their shows or movies without interruption.

Challenge Solution
Buffering and internet connectivity problems
  • Make sure your internet connection is strong and stable before starting a streaming session
  • Consider upgrading to a higher internet speed plan to ensure smooth streaming
  • Disconnect other devices that may be using the same internet connection to reduce bandwidth usage
  • Use an ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi to connect your streaming device to your internet router for a more stable connection


Cord cutting has many benefits, such as cost savings and the ability to choose which services to subscribe to. However, it is important to be aware of the challenges and pitfalls of cord-cutting in order to make the most of the experience. By researching which shows or movies are available on different streaming services, using streaming aggregator services to find content, and ensuring a strong and stable internet connection, viewers can navigate the challenges of cord-cutting and enjoy their favorite shows and movies on their own terms.

Here are Three Tips to Keep in Mind When Cutting the Cord

  • Research your options: Before cutting the cord, take the time to research the streaming services that are available and compare their offerings and prices. Look at which services have the shows and channels you want to watch, and consider the cost of subscribing to multiple services versus a cable or satellite TV subscription. 
  • Invest in quality equipment: To get the most out of your streaming experience, invest in quality equipment like a streaming device or a smart TV. This can help ensure that you have a smooth and seamless streaming experience, and can also give you access to additional features like voice control and personalization. 
  • Manage your subscriptions: One of the potential pitfalls of cord-cutting is that it can be easy to oversubscribe to streaming services and end up paying just as much, if not more than you did for cable or satellite TV. To avoid this, be mindful of which services you're subscribing to and how much you're spending each month. Consider rotating your subscriptions so that you only have one or two active ones at a time, or consider sharing subscriptions with friends or family members to save on costs. 

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