10 Cord Cutting Tips for Cord Cutters

Ten Cord Cutting Tips To Be a Better Cord Cutter

Each day, more people than ever are cutting the cord

Cord Cutting Tips for Cord Cutters

Here are Helpful Cord Cutting Tips That Will Make you A Better Cord Cutter

1. Dip your feet in the cord cutting water before you fully take the plunge. It's not a race, and cord cutting need not be done all at once. Take it slow, try a streaming service or two and get used to streaming content on demand. Replace a cable box or two on extra TVs with a media player and take advantage of TV Everywhere channels. This will cut your costs for extra box rentals.

2. Take advantage of the many FREE Streaming trials. There are enough free trials to streaming services that will last for many months. Once you find one or a few that you enjoy, subscribe for a few months to enjoy and become used to watching TV a different way.

3. Try a strong long range indoor or outdoor antenna. This will offer free access to many great HD channels like ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, FOX, THE CW, and more. A larger antenna installed in an attic or on the roof will almost always offer better reception and tune in more channels. These are premium local channels that can be watched free. They are the same local channels Dish, DirecTV and cable TV providers like to charge extra for each month.

If an antenna doesn't work or can't be used where you live, try searching through this list of Local Roku channels for a channel near your hometown.

4. Don't feel like you need to subscribe to everything available. In the beginning there was Netflix alone. Now we have many streaming providers that charge a monthly fee. Subscribe to one or two and cancel to try something else. There are no fees to subscribe or cancel so it's easy to watch content from several throughout the year.

5. Learn to live without Live TV. New cord cutters try to replace exactly what they had with cable or satellite TV. This is mostly out of habit, and it won't really give you the best cord cutting experience. By streaming commercial free on-demand content, watching lengthy commercials is no longer necessary. Binge-watching episode after episode without commercials is a liberating experience.

6. If you are still on the fence and not quite ready to become a cord cutter, contact your cable TV provider and ask for a discount. Sometimes the threat to leave will put you in touch with a retention specialist who is authorized to offer better discounts for staying with your current provider.

7. If you can't live without live TV Channels look into these Live streaming alternatives. Fubo TV, YouTube TV, Sling TV, PHILO, and Hulu TV.

8. Take full advantage of all the Free ad-supported content. There are tons of free channels that has a nice mix of News, Sports, Live TV, and on-demand content. Here's a great list of FREE channels and apps that you can access with many media streaming platforms.

9. Have the right hardware. A Roku, Apple TV, or Nvidia SHIELD are all awesome for cutting the cord. But equally important is a good AC Wi-Fi Router that offers the best performance. If possible and your media player has an Ethernet port use it over Wi-Fi for the best streaming performance.

10. Smart TVs can also be used to cut the cord, but for the best overall experience a Roku, or Android operating system is far better than most proprietary software. Spend a little more and buy a Roku, and Android media streamer and you will have the best cord cutting hardware available that will give you an extra wide range of choices when it comes to streaming TV content. Plus, it will make the cord cutting experience nicer Vs using a Smart TV alone.

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