Watch TWITCH on ROKU Unofficially

How to Watch TWITCH on Roku now that the Official and some Unofficial Channels have Disappeared

It's no secret, Amazon which owns Twitch and Roku are in a battle for streamers to buy and use their platform

How to Watch Twitch on ROKU

One reason you can't watch TWITCH on Roku officially, is because Amazon would rather you buy their Fire TV instead

Even though the official TWITCH channel was removed, along with a few private channels that sprung up to replace it, there are still several ways to watch it on Roku.

There is no guarantee, that it will last for forever on Roku but enjoy watching it while these private channels are available for now.


The private Ixerm channel for Roku is a great alternative. Use the CODE: KDNVTVD to add it to your Roku. The channel itself is pretty basic but it allows you to search for TWITCH games and Live streams. And it has pretty decent video quality.

Add the private Ixerm channel here to your Roku »


RokuMixer is another private channel worth checking out. But to add this channel your Roku first needs to be placed into Developer mode. This is not hard and can easily be done with a Roku remote. For the app and full instructions, visit the RokuMixer channel developer's page on Github.

TWOKU Private Twitch Channel

While the private channel TTVStream filled the void when the official TWITCH channel was removed from the Roku platform. Some Roku users have reported mixed results using this channel. Some said it works fine, and and others were unable to get it running on their Roku. If you would like to try this one for yourself the Roku private channel code is: ttvstream

Another private channel to watch TWITCH on Roku is Twoku. And this channel code is: TWOKU Watch the video if you need more help installing this.

While maybe not the ideal solution, between the channels mentioned here hopefully it can help to get TWITCH working once again on your Roku.

Here are 1700+ more private Roku channel codes »

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