4K TV Content Channel Guide

4K TV Content Channel Guide - Here's Where to Find Content in 4K

4K TV Is Finally Catching On and Now There Are More Places Than Ever to Watch Ultra High Definition Content

If you plan on watching a lot of 4K content you need two things, a fast broadband Internet connection and a provider that does not have data caps. Because 4K content uses a lot of data.

Here are the current streaming TV providers that offer the most 4K content:

Best Places to watch 4K TV

Here's How Much Data 2 Hour Movie Uses When Streaming in 4K

4K content uses a lot of data, both in the amount of bandwidth consumed and needed from a broadband connection. While it can vary a little bit from one streaming service to the next, on average you need an Internet connection that is capable of providing 20 to 25 Mbps to stream in 4K.

A lot can depend on which video resolution the providers are encoded in and how efficient this is. Higher resolution movies which are streamed in 4096 X 2160 use slightly more data than 4K streamed at 384 X 2160.

Typical 2-hour movie consume approximately 14.2 GB of data. This would pretty much kill most cellphone data plans with just one movie. And while broadband Internet plans offer unlimited data. Some providers like Comcast limit their users to 1 TB per month. And then they charge an extra fee. Which is $10 for every additional 50 GB used, until a maximum limit of $200/month is reached.

Depending on how much you stream in 4K it's easy to reach or exceed your data limit and streaming 4K movies and TV shows can get a lot more expensive.

But if you have unlimited data, or a broadband Internet plan without caps here you will find and enjoy the best 4K TV content available today.

NETFLIX $16/month 4K 25 Mbps or faster Internet, works on most all
Streamers, PC, Smart TVs, Tablets, & Phones
Netflix is one of the top sources for 4K content. And
new 4K content is added constantly.
AMAZON PRIME $13/month
or $120/year
25 Mbps or faster Internet. Media Streamers or
Smart TVs with Amazon's Prime Video app.
Most original content on Prime Video is now available
to watch in 4K
HULU $6/month (ads)
$12/mo ad-free
16 Mbps Internet, and supported 4K media player. 4K Hulu Originals now available to Apple TV 4K,
Roku & Google Chromecast Ultra.
Apple TV $6+ to rent new
releases. 4K $3
10-11 Mbps Internet, and Apple TV 4K, Chromecast
Ultra, Roku, Nvidia SHIELD,
Formerly iTunes Apple's new app offers 4K and Apple originals now available with prices as low
as $3 to rent 4K titles.
ULTRAFLIX $1-$10 Rentals 10 Mbps Min, Apps on Roku, Fire TV
Apple TV, Nvidia SHIELD, Win10, and Smart TVs
Offer's world's largest library of 4K content.
Watch Concerts, Sci-Fi, Drama, and Action Movies
SONY (VOD) $2/TV Episode
Only works on Sony 4K TVs, Sony Blue-Ray
Players and Playstation 4.
Rent 200 4K films and TV episodes from Sony (VOD)
FANDANGONow $5+/month 20 Mbps Min and their app is available on a wide
range of media streamers and PC.
Formerly M-Go their website makes it easy to browse
for HDR and 4K content.
DISNEY+ $7/month 25 Mbps minimum required to stream 4K content.
Available on most popular DRM supported streamers.
Over 600 Films of 4K content to choose from.
VUDU $3/mo to rent 25 Mbps Min to Stream 4K. Works with most media
streamers and from a PC.
VUDU has one of the largest libraries of 4K UHD content.
YOUTUBE $12/month for
YouTube Prem.
25 Mbps Min to Stream 4K. Rent movies for $2 to $15.
Requires YouTube 4K app device support.
A lot of (Free) user uploaded content to watch in 4K, YouTube Premium offers extra content with no ads.
GOOGLE PLAY $6 movie rentals 20 Mbps Min to stream 4K. Supported by a wide range
of Smart TVs and streaming devices.
Google Play app offers another option to rent or purchase newer movies and shows in 4K.
FUBO TV $55/month 30 Mbps Min to stream 4K. And their live TV app works
with many streaming TV 4K devices.
Fubo TV is one of the first to offer Live Streaming in HDR
and 4K. Not much yet but more content will be available soon.

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