How to Buy a Refurbished Roku Ultra, Roku Streaming Stick+

How to buy a 4K refurbished Roku Ultra, Roku Streaming Stick+

Roku Refurbished

Looking for a way to save some money on the latest Roku 4K products?

Consider a refurbished Roku Ultra or refurbished Roku Streaming Stick Plus. Refurbished products are often just like a new, but available at a nice discounted price.

Here’s a quick guide with links to the best deals to help find the right 4K Roku model for streaming some great TV shows and movies without the expense of ever needing to pay for cable TV again.


- Refurbished 4K Roku Ultra
- Refurbished 4K Roku Streaming Stick+

Refurbished Roku models may have been returned for various reasons. Like maybe the person could not figure out how to use them. Or they were bought as a gift and the person already had one. Or maybe the remote did not work and it was repackaged with a new remote control.

Refurbished Does Not Mean Broken

Buying refurbished can be good thing as new products when they are sold aren't all quality checked. Most companies only spot check a small percentage of their products to make sure the function 100% as intended. Checking them all would be far to expensive.

Instead, they leave this up to their customers. And offer customer support and an easy return process when something fails under their warranty period.

When items are sent back to the manufacturer, they can't be sold as new so the company will quality check them, refurb or replace broken parts and then resell them at a substantial discount over the price of a new item.

Many times a refurbished item looks identical to a new one. Sometimes manufacturers will use a white box to distinguish any items are not new. This sets them apart from new items which come in colorful retail packaging.

Items that are returned can often be purchased as refurbished from online stores on eBay or Amazon. And some items even come with the same exact warranty as if they were bought new.

We have purchased several refurbished electronic items over the years from various companies including refurbished Roku players. And this has saved us a significant amount of money vs buying them new. And we have been completely happy with everything we ever bought refurbished so far.

Check Out These Certified Refurbished 4K Roku Deals

One place to find refurbished Roku models from time to time is directly on Roku - Click here to check their Clearance and Refurb Store.

Roku Ultra Refurbished

The Roku Ultra is their top of the line table top model and still our favorite model.

There are now three different generation of the Roku Ultra, but the latest 2019 model has a little more powerful 4K Quad Core CPU and a little more memory than previous models. So it will load your channels and apps a little faster.
  • Oct 2016 Roku Ultra (4640) 5th Generation Optical Out Dropped on later models
  • Oct 2017 Roku Ultra (4660) 6th Generation Includes New JBL Headphones
  • Sep 2018 Roku Ultra (4661) 7th Generation JBL Headphones and Virtually unchanged from previous model.
  • Oct 2019 Roku Ultra (4670) 8th Generation JBL Headphones Faster CPU, More Memory, and Programmable 2-Remote Shortcut buttons.
The Ultra is the only Roku that still comes with an Ethernet port. Something to consider if you want the absolute best streaming performance with the least amount of buffering.

Roku Streaming Stick Plus

The 4K Roku Streaming Stick Plus is identical to the Roku Ultra when it comes to processor speed. There are also several models with the same name.

Here is how to identify the various Roku Streaming Stick Plus models:

  • Oct 2017 Roku Streaming Stick Plus (3810) 6th Generation 4K and Same Performance as Roku Ultra
  • Oct 2019 Roku Streaming Stick Plus (3810R) 8th Faster CPU more Memory and Currently on sale at new lower price ($49.99)
Roku Streaming Stick Plus HE

This costs $59.99 and is only available at Best Buy. And you may find used or refurbished models on eBay. This Streaming Stick Plus comes with an enhanced Voice remote that also includes a headphone jack and headphones for private listening.

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