Pluto TV Vs Tubi Which Is Best for Free TV?

Pluto TV Vs Tubi Which Is Best for Free TV?

Pluto is a Top Free Streaming Channel like The Roku Channel, Crackle, Xumo and Tubi TV

Pluto TV vs Tubi

Both Pluto TV and Tubi Offer Free TV with Ads

But there are also some pretty big differences that set Pluto TV, and Tubi apart.

Pluto TV - When it comes to a Free TV channel really pretty amazing. Especially now since they added 15 Viacom channels after they purchased Pluto. This added some great additional content to their channel.

Now on Pluto TV, you will find a nice mix of 100+ sub-channels which can all be watched and accessed by adding this channel to your favorite streaming device, phone, tablet or PC.

These channels include popular Viacom channels like Nick, MTV and BET plus several others. The full updated channels guide to Pluto TV is here »

Pluto TV Features Live TV, News, Movies And a Built In Grid TV Guide

Pluto has always had a nice mix of News plus other Live TV channels. In fact, when watching their channel it almost feels similar to a cable TV service. And the nice built in guide makes it feel even more so.

But the Pluto TV guide on Roku and some other media players will only show what is currently playing. But there is a way to see what is playing up to Four Hours in advance. If you follow this simple trick!

Tubi TV - Another awesome channel features a lot of older movies and on-demand shows. And many of the shows and movies that were once on Netflix, can now be found on Tubi and watched on this channel Free.

While Tubi is geared more to movies and TV shows and animated content, it is lacking some of the news and live streaming channels which makes Pluto TV so popular.

ReelGood has a nice guide to everything that is available to watch on Tubi.

The channel that most closely compares to Pluto TV would probably be Xumo TV and then maybe The Roku Channel. Tubi on the other hand compares more closely to Sony Crackle but with a lot less advertisements.

Tubi Free TV Available Everywhere

Tubi like Pluto is available on pretty much every streaming device. And these include Roku, Android, Apple TV, Mobile Devices, and it can even be watched on a PC. In 2019 this channel plans on spending over $100 million dollars in additional content from many sources.

Unlike Netflix which is busy spending money producing their own content at the cost of a lot of big name content leaving their platform. Tubi is busy buying the content that's leaving and adding it to their channel.

They are gambling that cord cutters, which have tired of spending money month after month on expensive cable TV packages would much rather watch Free TV. Even if ads are included as part of the deal.

When it Comes To Free TV Two Is Better than One and Five is Better than None

Even though we would love to show you a clear winner between Pluto TV and Tubi. In this case, they both offer some great free unique content. And both channels should be part of your streaming library of top watched Free TV channels.

As should Xumo, Sony Crackle and The Roku Channel.

Add All These Awesome Free Channels and more to your favorite media streamer of choice right here!

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