Most Watched Roku Channels Top Three

Most Watched Roku Channels Top Three

Recently We Asked Roku Rocks Members to Vote on Their Top Three Most Used Roku Channels

Most Watched Roku Channels

The Numbers Have Been Tallied And Here Are the Roku Channels Most Watched

When you poll a lot of people and ask them what their favorite most watched Roku Channels are, you would expect a lot of diversity in their answers. But in this latest poll, we saw something quite different. With 42 people voting for their "Top Three Most Used Roku Channels." And with over 6500 channels on the Roku platform, we only saw a small number of channels that kept getting voted for over and over again in the results.

This is still a pretty small snapshot of the 15,500 members that are in the Roku Rocks Facebook group. And while we wish more people would have voted, it still represents a nice enough sample of votes to put together some interesting results.

Number One Most Watched Roku Channels

Hulu owned the number one spot in the first of three favorite Roku Channels. Pluto TV a free channel took the second place spot. YouTube took number 3 followed by Netflix, Philo and Sling TV. All the rest were tied and there are quite a variety of Roku channels as shown in the table.

What was interesting from this data, is there were not that many different channels picked. For the most part, many Roku Rocks members chose similar channels which showed up in all three places as the top three most watched Roku Channels in this poll.

Roku Channel NameFirst Picked Channel with Most Votes Received
Hulu9 Votes
Pluto TV7 Votes
YouTube5 Votes
Netflix4 Votes
Philo3 Votes
Sling TV2 Vote
Prime Video1 Vote
MLB.TV1 Vote
SiMe TV1 Vote
Weather Nation1 Vote
PS Vue1 Vote
HBO Now1 Vote
Tubi TV1 Vote
PlayOn1 Vote
Plex1 Vote
The CW1 Vote
Fail Army1 Vote

Number Two Most Watched Roku Channels

The results for the number two most watched Roku Channel is also interesting. Netflix which came in a distant 3rd as the number one most watched Roku channel, beat most others for the number two most watched channel spot and lagged only one vote behind YouTube which took first place. Hulu which dominated the number one channel list didn't even place as a number two most watched Roku Channel, that honor went to Netflix.

CBS All Access, Prime Video, Tubi TV and Pluto TV were both tied for number three as the third most watched Roku channel in this list.

Hulu tied for 4th place along with Philo and The Roku Channel after running away with the first most watched Roku Channel as the first picked channel. And all the remaining channels were tied for 5th place in the number two most watched Roku Channels list.

Roku Channel Name2nd Picked Channel with Most Votes Received
YouTube6 Votes
Netflix5 Votes
Pluto TV4 Votes
CBS All Access3 Votes
Prime Video3 Votes
Tubi TV3 Votes
Philo2 Votes
Hulu2 Votes
The Roku Channel2 Votes
PBS1 Votes
MLB.TV1 Votes
Fox Now1 Votes
Locast1 Votes
Comet TV1 Votes
STIRR1 Votes

The Number Three Most Watched Roku Channel

Once again when looking at the Most Watched Roku Channels, the results again were interesting. We see many of the same channels which dominated our first two lists again making a strong showing. In first place for the third most watched Roku Channel, we have Netflix squeaking by with one vote over the four second place winners. This was a 4/way tie between Hulu, PBS, Prime, and NewsON.

In third place on this list, we have another 4/way tie between The Roku Channel, Comet TV, Tubi TV, and the CBS Channel. And the rest all tied for fourth place.

Roku Channel Name3rd Picked Channel with Most Votes Received
Netflix4 Votes
Hulu3 Votes
PBS3 Votes
NewsON3 Votes
Prime Video3 Votes
The Roku Channel2 Votes
Comet TV2 Votes
Tubi TV2 Votes
CBS News2 Votes
HBO Now1 Votes
Radio.com1 Votes
Crackle1 Votes
Curiosity Stream1 Votes
Roku Media Player1 Votes
Xumo1 Votes
Philo1 Votes
Pluto TV1 Votes
Cryptovania1 Votes
Livestream1 Votes
Plex1 Votes
HSN1 Votes

There you have the results from our informal Roku Rocks poll. These Roku Channels quite honestly are all really good and you can easily see some of the most watched Roku channels. And you can find and add them all from our A-Z Private Roku Channels List
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