How would you like to watch FREE Cable TV that is 100% legal. Yes, that's right what we are about to show you is a way to watch absolutely FREE Cable TV that even comes with a working guide.

If you have not yet installed Pluto TV, you are going to want to check out this app because it's simply an amazing way to watch Cable TV channels. We will walk you through each step to show you how to install and show you where to find everything you need to watch it on your Fire TV Stick, Fire TV or other Android boxes like the incredible Nvidia SHIELD.

Free Legal Cable TV on Fire TV

Installing Pluto TV is really super easy. All we need to do is tweak a few settings on your Amazon Fire TV Stick, Fire TV or Android Box and we'll show you how to make this happen.

Install Fire TV Apps from Unknown Sources
Step 1. Go into your device setting by scrolling over to settings at the top of your screen. This will let you change some options that will let us install the Pluto TV app on your Fire TV, Stick or other Android boxes. Look for a setting called "Developer Options" click on that and then make sure both ABD Debugging and Apps from Unknown Sources are both enabled, or turned on. Once you've made sure they are both turned on go ahead and click the home button.

These are the settings that once turned on will allow you to install 3rd party apps for watching all the great free content you otherwise would not be able to use on your Fire TV.

Fire TV Stick Downloader App
Step 2. Now we need to click the magnifying glass to search the Amazon App Store for an app that will let use sideload apps to the Fire TV.  Once you clicked the magnifying glass in the keyboard that pops up on your screen then type the word Downloader. You sometimes only need to begin typing the first few letters and while you're typing the app you're looking for many times it will auto-populate into the list of apps before you are even done typing. 

Once you see the bright Orange Downloader Icon click on it and choose to download it to your Fire TV/Stick. Once it has finished downloading go ahead and open it.

Once it's open you will see an address bar. This is where you can type the URL we will give you in a minute to download the Pluto TV app for your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick.

First you need to click on the settings button inside the downloader app and make sure that Enable JavaScript Check box is enabled. This will enable it for the built in Downloader app Web Browser.

Once this has been done, just go back to the Home Screen Menu at the top of the Downloader App. You are now back to the address box where you can enter in the URL. Click inside the address box in the Downloader app and the on-screen keyboard will pop up. 

Type in the following URL to download a cool app that will let you quickly and easily add more apps to the Fire TV that are not in the Amazon Store.

Be sure you typed it in correctly and don't have any typos then click the blue Go button. Once clicked the app will download and install on your device.

Now once FileLinked has downloaded you will be greeted by an installer screen. Near the bottom right of your screen click on the Install button to install this app.

Once installed you will use this app to install other apps by simple numerical codes. This is so much easier than typing long URL addresses into the Downloader app each time.

Step 3. Now that the FileLinked app has downloaded, installed and is open on your screen you can enter a short code which consists of numbers into the Your Code Box. Once you click there, a number pad shows up on your screen where you will enter the following code to take you to an App Store where you can download Pluto TV.

This takes you to the Electrical M.D. Super App Store Once in their App Store, look for the Pluto TV app and click the install button.

This will download and install Pluto TV,  a really cool legal app that will let you watch a ton of live TV channels in beautiful HD quality. Use the guide to browse what's playin on Pluto TV on the many different channels.

While you will find other apps inside the Electrical M.D. Super store not all contain legal content so be sure to use these at your own discretion. Always be super careful of any app that offers you the ability to download files. Generally it's safe to stream, but some apps will offer downloads as torrents and these record and broadcast your IP address so if it says download don't click it unless you are behind a VPN like "Express VPN". 

We really like their VPN because it's fast and will protect your identity online and let you watch content that may be geo blocked in other countries by simply choosing a server located in that country.

We showed you this easy way to install Pluto TV because it's free, legal and has a lot of great live TV content you can watch on your Fire TV.  While you will see some commercials, they are not all that bad and really a small price to pay for all the great stuff you can watch for Free on Pluto TV.

You can find other lists of codes to install apps quickly to your Fire TV Stick or Android boxes from the FileLinked app. Just do a search in Google for FileLinked Codes and you will find tons of great apps you can download for your Fire TV Sticks or Android boxes.

Just make sure to find a current list as codes and apps change all the time. We hope you enjoyed this brief tutorial on how to get the really cool legal  Pluto TV app for your Fire TV. Once you've mastered and learned how to use the FileLinked app, you will find it will be your easiest go to app to download apps quickly to your Fire TV Stick that you won't ever find in the Amazon Store.

If this helped you, please do us a favor and click the share button to help your friends learn how they too can get more enjoyment from their Fire TV with the Free Pluto TV app.

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