Roku Ultra Mount - Keep Your Roku Cool and Out of Sight

Roku Ultra Mount - Keep Your Roku Cool and Out of Sight

The new Roku Ultra Mount not only looks really cool, it will keep your Roku Ultra cool as well!


Three things we really like about the Roku Ultra Mount

1. It keeps your Roku and associated dangling hidden out of sight behind your television. Nothing triggers an OCD attack like looking at a cluttered mess of wires hanging from your television or in front of your TV stand.

By using the Roku Ultra Mount, you can keep your Roku Ultra Neatly tucked away and hidden so these wires won't show and set off an avoidable OCD attack.

2. It Keeps Your Roku Running Cooler. The Roku Ultra has a powerful Quad Core CPU which can generate some heat when shredding through 4K video files. Placing your Roku Ultra on its side will allow more air to circulate around it helping to keep it cooler. The Roku Ultra Mount has ribs molded in which will allows even more air to circulate around it.

This is a great way to create some additional passive cooling which can help your Roku Ultra run cooler with less chances of ever overheating. This is important especially when placed behind a television because air circulation is not the best in that location already.

Keep your Roku Cool!

Remember, heat is the enemy of electronics and too much heat can cause all kinds of crazy behavior like lockups, freezes and spontaneous resets when your Roku overheats.

Keeping your Roku cool will have the added benefit of less heat related lockups, glitches and freezes. Here is another great tip for keeping and table top model Roku cool. Simple Tip To Prevent Roku Lockups and Freezes

3. For Flat Screen Wall Installs you Won't Need to Run your Wires Through the Wall. Many flat screen owners that keep their Roku in a cabinet and their TV mounted to the wall end up running their wires behind the wall. This makes for a clean installation.

By installing your Roku behind your TV set, this will keep you from needing to cut your drywall which is a dusty dirty mess which may again trigger an attack from those suffering from OCD.

You can buy the Roku Ultra Mount for as little as $10 dollars and this brings us to our last favorite thing about this cool mount it costs practically nothing.

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