Cord Cutting Accelerates and Losses Are Staggering

Cord Cutting Accelerates Huge Losses for Cable TV Last Quarter

USA Today reported Cord cutting accelerates as pay TV loses 1.1 million customers in the largest-ever quarterly loss.

"Cable and satellite TV providers lost about 1.1 million subscribers during the July to September period, in largest quarterly loss ever – and the first time the industry lost more than 1 million subscribers in a quarter, according to media and telecommunications research firm MoffettNathanson." source USA Today

This latest report has to have Cable Industry Execs stomachs churning and keeping them up at night. This also completely contradicts what was predicted earlier this year that cord-cutting was decelerating.

Cable TV which several years ago was our only option did it to themselves. The cable TV industry was so used to living fat on the land they failed to see that consumers were sick and tired of endless commercials, semi-annual price increases and 100 plus channels with nothing much good to watch except local network channels which you can also watch Free with an Antenna.

We joined the cord-cutting revolution back in 2012 and have never looked back. There is now more great on-demand content and even low-cost live cable TV channels from streaming services like Philo that will let you practically duplicate what Cable TV offers at a fraction of the cost. A cloud DVR is even included.

Netflix, was most likely the biggest nail in Cable TV's coffin. There is so much great content on Netflix you will never run out of things to watch. To find everything though, it helps if you use these hidden Netflix Codes.

Last quarter Dish Network lost 341,000 subscribers. While they tried to duplicate their Satellite Cable TV service to offset these losses with Sling TV, Dish only added 26,00 new Sling TV subscribers.

This is a pretty good indication more of the same in a different format is not working. People are tired of too many commercials on Live TV, while Dish and Cable TV like to boast they offer over a hundred channels, a large portion of them are really garbage.

Then there is the fact they charge way to much for television entertainment. The average subscriber is busy, and will never watch enough TV during the week to justify paying over a hundred dollars a month for cable TV. Especially when you can subscribe to Philo, for $16/month and get 55 Live Cable TV channels and get a Netflix 4K sub for another $14/month and share it with three other friends or family members.

Even Porn Costs More on Cable TV

With individual Adult channels on Dish and Cable costing as much as $29.99 a month. Streaming Adult Channels offer way more content in 4K and HD at a fraction of the cost as adult channels on Cable.

Higher Broadband Cost to Offset Losses

If big cable's plan is to jack up prices on broadband, this too will fail and here's why. As cellular networks become faster and offer more data, with some even offering unlimited plans. Many consumers are dumping their home Internet and depending exclusively on their cellular Internet for broadband access.

While this may not yet be the ideal solution for streaming TV, as these networks become faster they may one day pose a significant threat to cable broadband. New technologies are also being developed that will also put a dent in big cable's broadband monopoly. Once big cable loses broadband customers they may as well shut the doors and join other extinct technologies like 8-track tapes, cassettes, and LP records.

Ready To Cut The Cord?

If you've been on the fence and have been thinking about dumping Cable TV, here is a great resource for you to check out. It's a list of the most popular streaming TV services you can turn to that will quickly make you forget all about those expensive monthly bills you used to fork over to your cable TV provider every month.

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