Channels Like XTV on Roku

Channels Like XTV on Roku

For anyone that watched and enjoyed the XTV Channel on Roku, you are probably secretly hoping for it to return from the ashes. Unfortunately, it's probably never going to happen.

XTV was a Free Roku channel that had a crazy amount of IPTV content. From a large library of old classic TV shows, newer movies and Live TV channels with no ads. It was like everything you could ever want in a Roku channel all wrapped up into one. The downside was, much of the content was from pirated sources and Roku was forced to remove it.

Not before a lot of people got to know and love this channel though, and the loss of the XTV Roku channel was a hard blow for many, especially since not one single Roku channel has been able to fully replace it. The good news is what we are about to show you may come really close.

While there won't ever be another XTV Channel on Roku. Here are some of the best ways to watch a lot of the same content for Free on your Roku

Pluto TV

Channels like XTV on Roku

Pluto TV is a great legal channel which reminds us somewhat of a cable TV network. They do have a lot of great content on their channel and it's all FREE! It has a nice grid guide that easily lets you look for movies or news channels. You can see what it looks like by visiting their website at

You can learn more about what this channel offers and Add Pluto TV to your Roku here »


Channels like XTV on Roku Xumo

Xumo is a an other great legal channel with the same cable TV network look and feel and it is also FREE. It also has a nice grid guide which you can use to look for channels like NBC, USA Today, AFV, and many others. Watch it now live and see it in action by visiting their website at

You can learn more about what this channel offers and Add Xumo to your Roku here »

Roku Channels From The Darkside

Roku Private Channels

Using your Roku it's gotten pretty hard to find channels that have a lot of content from pirate sources. They have really clamped down hard on piracy and kicked off any channels and developers that were engaging in this type of behavior. You may still find a channel occasionally that has some but it will be on the down low and won't be widely shared.

If there are any channels left that still do, they would more than likely be Private Roku channels. You can learn more about private channels and look through this list of 1800+ Private Roku Channel Codes and you may even find several that have some good free content.

Cast a Wider Net

The Internet is full of channels like XTV. There are IPTV sites and other sites like XTV you could view from a web browser. We won't point them out, but you can Google TizTV and you'll quickly learn where to find all the best ones.

Warning: TizTV contains content that may not be legal. If this offends you click here

Roku won't let you use a web browser, but they do let you cast content from the Internet right to your Roku so you can still watch it on your TV screen.

If your Roku and phone is newer just select Smart View on Android and choose your Roku device. Roku automatically lets you cast with no problem and no extra app is needed.

If this gives you any problems, just get the AllConnect Roku channel. This requires an Android or iOS tablet or iPhone and it will give you another great option to cast to your Roku.

1. Install Roku AllConnect Channel
Click here to add the AllConnect channel to your Roku, be sure to check for updates so the channel to show up at the end of your channels list right away.

2. Download AllConnect From Google Play
Click here to get the free (Allconnect Android App) in Google Play Store

3. Download AllConnect from iTunes Store
Click here to download the free (Allconnect iOS App) from the iTunes store.

Watch the video and it will walk you through the steps to get content casting right to your Roku.

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