How To Add Roku Channels From a PC

How To Add Roku Channels From a PC

Besides using the Channels Store on your Roku, another great way to find and add new channels to your Roku media player is from a personal computer (PC), tablet or smartphone.

If you are only using the Roku Channel Store, you may be missing out on some really great Roku channels which we'll show you how to find.

how to add Roku channels from a PC

Adding Roku channels from a PC is very easy and it only requires that you have the following:

1. A Roku Account with your user ID and password. This is something you should have already created when you first set up your Roku. Before you can access your account to add new Roku channels from a PC or smartphone, you will first need to log in. This is so they can bring up your linked Roku account and the channels you are adding will then be added to your specific Roku device.

2. A computer, tablet or smartphone along with a web browser. A browser is needed to access the web-based Roku Channel Store. If you've never seen it, it's a great place to look for new channels. We really like their New and Notable Category as it gets constantly updated with new channels all the time. Every once in a while you can find a really great channel there.

3. Links to private or public Roku Channels published on the Internet.  Private Roku channels are channels which someone built and never uploaded to Roku to make them public. You can still watch them though if you have a code to add them and some actually contain some pretty good content. 

Adult channels like these must also remain private because they are not allowed to be published in the Roku channel store.

Private Roku channels are added by either an add channel link or vanity code. For a more in-depth explanation on how to add private Roku channels by codes, we posted a pictorial along with detailed instructions plus 1900+ Roku Private Channel Codes which can be added here.

Roku is still the number one most used media streamer because, like YouTube, they offer more free content on their platform than anyone else. Roku media streamers are very user-friendly and they consistently work very well.

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To add Roku channels from a PC, just click the add channel button or link found on some of the guides and Roku channels lists we included below. Clicking links to add channels from these lists takes you directly to Roku's website and from there you can read more about the channel and on that page click the Blue +Add channel button once more to finish adding the channel to your Roku.

Now, here's where the tricky part comes in. Once you add new channels to your Roku from a PC or mobile device, you can't yet immediately access them on your Roku. That's because Roku will only add new channels when it performs a system update which usually happens in the early morning hours sometime after midnight.

The good news is, you can force your Roku to check for updates anytime. Go to your Roku and from the home screen navigating to the Settings/System menu and then to System update/Check now. Once checked your Roku will begin checking for updates and adding any new channels. Once finished, only then will your newly installed channels be available to watch on your Roku.

New Roku channels are installed at the end of your channels list so you'll need to scroll to the end of your channels list to find them. 

If you have many Roku channels to sort through, try this.

TIP: On your Roku Home Screen channels list, just scroll up above your first channel. This is the fastest way to find your newly added channels.

You can move your new channels anywhere you want in your list of channels on your Roku by highlighting the channel first (don't go into it) then press the * button on your Roku Remote. Choose the menu to move, rate or delete any of your channels.

Geo-Blocked Roku Channels

If you click on a channel link or code from your computer and nothing happens, there could be several reasons for this.

1. The Roku channel was removed by the developer or by Roku.

2. The developer did not make the channel available in your country. This is what's called geo-blocking and the channel install link will simply not work or it may go to a generic channels page on Roku's site but not to the channel you want. Other times in the case of a private Roku channel you may get a channel is not found message.

3. If public channels won't install from our website, you may have better odds of finding channels that will work if they are private channel and you install them from the channel codes. That's why you see some channels in our lists have a short code along with an add channel link. The codes are usually used for private channels.

That's really all there is to adding Roku channels from a PC. This gives you another easy way to find and add many more Roku channels to your Roku. 

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