Google Plus To Shut Down

Google Plus to Shut Down - Here's A Great Alternative

If you've left Facebook and were an avid user of Google Plus we have some bad news. You will soon need to migrate to another platform because Google has decided to pull the plug on Google Plus due to a lack of interest and some of their user's personal information became compromised due to a recent hack. At first they planned to shut it down in August 2019, now we learned they moved the date even sooner to April.

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One of the things we really enjoyed about Google+ was their Google Communities especially the Cord-Cutters Group since cord-cutting and streaming TV is kind of a passion of ours.

We found another pretty nice social media platform and created another cord-cutting group that you are all welcome to join once Google+ shuts down.

It's the Cord-Cutters Group on MeWe and their social media platform, unlike some others is all about protecting their users' privacy.

We've already have had some members migrate over to the new group and invite you to join us as well.

For those of you that like to procrastinate and let's face it, don't we all from time to time, we made this cool countdown timer to remind you to switch over before Google+ shuts down.

If you're also on Facebook, please feel free to also join us in Roku Rocks, Nvidia SHIELD Rocks, and Team Android TV Streaming Groups.

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