Castbox Best Podcast App to Discover New Content

Castbox Is The Best Podcast App to Discover New Content

Using an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) the Castbox App indexes and transcribes every podcast in their network. This makes it super easy to search for any subject matter and Castbox will have a podcast up and waiting for you in seconds.

It's may not be all that often a free app comes along that will impress you if you love Podcasts Castbox will.

When it comes to podcast there are many ways to find and listen to them online. Many turn to iTunes when it comes to playin audio podcasts. That's because there is a large library of podcasts built-into iTunes already.

While iTunes may be the 600-pound gorilla in the room when it comes to podcasts, it did not stop Castbox founder and CEO Xiaoyu Wan from wanting to come out with something even better.

His goal was to make searching audio segments as simple as searching a text document. Others must think his idea was pretty cool as well because his app available for both Android and iOS has been already downloaded 8+ Million times.

Castbox made their app very useful to podcast addicts by gathering their input and adding most requested features.

Castbox Podcast Library

Castbox not only gives you the app to use for free, they also have a large library of podcasts which you can subscribe to and listen to on your favorite mobile device.

Castbox has many podcasts listed by the following categories

- Comedy
- Politics
- Personal Development
- True Crime
- Film and Movies
- Music Related
- Top Shows
- Pics from Ted Staff
- Editor Picks
- YouTuber Podcasts
- Crypto
- Opinions
- Education
- Society and Culture
- News & Politics
- Games & Hobbies
- Sports and Recreation

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