Amazon's Fire TV Recast DVR Is Coming Soon

Amazon's Fire TV Recast DVR Is Coming Soon

The Fire TV Recast Contains Multiple Tuners and a Hard Drive to Record Live TV from an Antenna

It's nice to see media streamer companies thinking outside the box and finally offering something consumers have been asking for a long time now.

The brand new Fire TV Recast media streamer from Amazon is now available for pre-order here with a Nov 14 release date.

You can choose from one of two models. One with 2 tuners for recording live TV, that includes a 500GB hard drive. Or the supersize model which comes with 4 tuners and a 1TB hard drive. This model gives you enough space to record and store over 150 hours of high-definition content.

The Fire TV Recast can only be used to record from an antenna. It will not be able to record content from a satellite receiver or cable TV box.

It can then play your recordings to a Fire TV, Echo Show, Fire Tablet, iOS or Android mobile device with the free Fire TV app.

Fire TV Retail Price
2 tuners, 500 GB, 75 hours - $229.99
4 tuners, 1 TB, 150 hours - $279.99

With sales and promotions, we expect Amazon may discount their prices at some point.

One of the best things about the Recast TV is that Lifetime guide data is included. No additional ongoing fees will be charged like both Tablo and TiVo does unless you buy the TiVo Roamio which also comes with a lifetime guide and nothing else to buy except for an antenna. That alone makes the Recast TV a better value than some of its competitors.

The Fire TV Recast box itself looks a little ugly, but it really does not matter what it looks like, only how well it works.

What Else Is Needed?

The Fire TV Recast will not work without the following items and they must be purchased separately.

Fire TV Media Streamer or Echo Show - These devices work together with the Fire TV Recast and allows you to watch Prime Video content along with content from a wide range of apps including Kodi as well as recorded and live TV shows.

Over The Air Antenna - is something required with any DVR or tuner that records free TV signals in HD from the airwaves. The Fire TV Recast is no different and will require an indoor or outdoor antenna attached to it before it can record live TV.

Still No DVR From Roku

We have not yet seen what Roku has up its sleeves in the way of new hardware this year. When the news leaked that Amazon was working on a Fire TV DVR earlier in the year, maybe Roku took note and may also be coming out with a DVR of its own.

We have our doubts though that they will. One of the best things about a DVR is the ability to skip ads on recorded live TV.  Building a device to skip Network TV ads may seem a little counterproductive for a company that has based its major strategy for profitability by selling ads on their platform.

Roku still does not support MPEG2 on their boxes. To watch any live OTA broadcasts through a Roku, it requires that everything must be transcoded into a format Roku supports. This uses extra server resources and causes a Roku to change channels VERY slowly compared to Fire TV or Nvidia SHIELD. 

Even their high-end Roku 4k Ultra box takes anywhere from 15 seconds to 20 seconds longer than even the cheapest Fire Stick to change channels when streamed live from an OTA antenna.

With so many live streaming services now offering cloud-based DVRs including some of the best like YouTube which offers unlimited storage and works every bit as well as hardware-based DVRs, it will be interesting to see how well cord-cutters respond to Amazon's new Fire TV Recast DVR.

SHIELD TV Owners can use a $100 HDHomeRun along with PlexPass, and a USB hard drive and turn their media streamer into a DVR and still own a media streamer that is many times better than a Fire TV.

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