FitzyTV Streaming TV Guide & Cloud DVR

FitzyTV Streaming TV Guide & Cloud DVR

Watch and record all your cable TV channels from within the FitzyTV app

FitzyTV Streaming TV Guide & Cloud DVR

We asked the FitzyTV developer to tell us more about their really cool Android and Fire TV DVR TV guide App and here's what they said:

"Basically the idea started because we had over 30 TV apps on our phones and they were basically worthless - you have to log in to each one individually and couldn't see what was playing on each channel.

If you wanted to know what channel a show was on you'd have to guess until you found it. We yearned for a program guide that showed exactly what was on each stream, so we built one.

After a while, we really started missing a DVR so we built a cloud DVR to save the shows on these live streams. We put it up on the Google Play Store to see if anyone else would be interested in it and it started blowing up."

We wanted to know more how the Fitzy TV app is designed to work:

FitzyTV Cloud DVR and Free Guide

"It basically turns your Android phone, media streamer and FireTV into a DVR cable box. It has a simple to use program guide to find shows to watch live or record to the Cloud for later viewing.

It uses your cable or satellite login to authenticate you against the different live streams available online."

How Much Does the FitzyTV App Cost?

"The app is free but the optional cloud DVR feature costs $5 a month for 25 hours of Cloud storage."

How Far Out Does the FitzyTV DVR TV Guide Go?

"The Android app goes out 7 days, FireTV only goes 24 hours for now but will be updated to 7 days soon."

Is The FitzyTV App Legal?

"Yes we are 100% legit"

Do You Have Any Plans for Building a FitzyTV Roku Channel in the Future?

"We're hoping so! If the FireTV app is successful, it will give us the fuel to port it to Roku."

FitzyTV TV Streaming Guide and Cloud DVR
Pros: The FitzyTV Streaming TV guide and Cloud DVR is a free download and another great way to find and record some great TV shows for later viewing for a very low monthly fee. It's nice that you can use a DVR on your Fire TV or Android devices without any additional hardware to buy.

Cons: This app is still missing some popular channels. Although once all the major cable TV channels have been added, the FitzyTV app could be the ultimate DVR app and a hard one to beat.

There you have it, be sure to check out the FitzyTV app on your Android and FireTV devices by visiting the Google Store or download it from the Amazon App Store.

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