How to Live Stream the 2018 FIFA World Cup

How to Live Stream 2018 FIFA World Cup 

June 16, is the day of the battle for the World Cup begins. That is when 32 men's international football teams from countries all over the world, will play 64 matches for the FIFA World Cup Champion tournament beginning June 14, and ending on July 17, at Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow Russia.

This year once again Soccer fans from all over the world will be live streaming and watch the games right from their living rooms. You can do this too for FREE with a little help from ExpressVPN.

How To Watch  World Cup Live on Roku

Here's how you can stream the 2018 FIFA World Cup without cable in the US:

FOX (in select markets) and FS1 are available on fuboTVHulu with Live TVPlayStation VueSling TV, and YouTube TV.

FuboTV - Watch the World Cup on Roku, Apple TV or Android
FuboTV is a multi-platform soccer video service and subscription based, that curates authentic football club content from around the world including match highlights, breaking news, behind the scenes access, documentaries, interviews, classic matches and more.

FuboTV - World Cup Roku Channel

Where to Stream the World Cup Live

Depending on which country you live in, you may tune into different channels or providers to watch the games. In the USA if you have a cable subscription to Fox Sports you can watch every game.

In Canada, TSN offers a free trial or CTV (Subscription Required) will also have the games.

Australia, The World Game - SBS will let you watch every game for FREE and in the UK TVPlayer will also provide every game for Free.

If you live outside of Australia and Canada, you will be geo-blocked from watching any of these games for Free unless you use a fast and reliable VPN like our favorite ExpressVPN.

Once you set your IP address on your Router or PC to an ExpressVPN provided DNS server from Australia or UK you can then live stream and watch all the FIFA World Cup games for FREE just like you lived there with your favorite Android Media Streamer,  or Fire TV.

While there may be as many VPN providers or more as teams participating in the 2018 World Cup, ExpressVPN is one of the best and fastest. Their servers will provide a much better streaming experience than many of the lower cost or free VPN providers so you won't need deal with constant buffering or freezes while watching your favorite teams playing in the 2018 World Cup live.

What is a VPN?

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a service you can subscribe to for a low monthly or even lower annual fee that lets you easily unblock content in other countries or blacked out games in your country. It routes your internet traffic to a website through a VPN server in any country you choose after changing the DNS server settings and adding a VPN  IP address located in that country on your Router or PC. This is a simple process and ExpressVPN has easy to follow instructions on how to do it here.

Not only does a VPN unblock content that otherwise you would be unable to access if you just used the DNS server provided to you by your Internet provider. Using a VPN also keeps your surfing habits private so every website you visit which can  track you by your IP address would only see the VPN's IP address for the country you chose by your Internet provider.

This offers a lot safer way to watch content with add-ons on Kodi, or from certain apps or add-ons which broadcast your IP address when streaming from torrents that you may not even be aware of.

Try ExpressVPN for 30/days with a 100% Money Back Guarantee

What about Free m3u Playlists?

Free playlists are also another way to watch the FIFA World Cup. Many playlists will offer UK channels where you may be able to stream some of the games for free. You will still end up wanting to watch using a VPN From the free sites like TV Player or The World Games TBS and here is why.

Most free playlists will buffer or freeze like crazy during any heavily watched event especially the Work Cup which half the worlds population will be watching. You can bet people will be hitting these free playlists hard and the viewing experience will most likely be absoultuly terrible.

Even if you only sign up for a few months, using a VPN like ExpressVPN will offer a much better viewing experience because the servers that are hosting and live streaming these games are many times more powerful than someone pointing a camera at their TV stream, and streaming it live over their 100 Mbps Internet connection from their living room.

Get Our FREE mkvXstream World Cup App

Our Free app provide instant access to standings and latest schedule on your favorite teams playing in the 2018 World Cup.

Keep up on the process of your favorite FIFA matches on many different platforms and sites. This is a FREE  Web App so it works on all devices that can use a web browser.

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EuroTV Club

This is another European TV live streaming TV service you can subscribe to and watch a ton of channels from Europe including the UK which will be streaming all the World Cup Matches. You can join here and watch FREE for 7/days.

YouTube Live Stream

During the match, you may also be able to check YouTube for anyone Live Streaming a World Cup game. Again, don't expect the quality to be all that great. To find live streams on YouTube, just modify and enter the term LIVE NOW -  On YouTube. If anyone is streaming a FIFA World Cup match from their TV set, you may be able to find and watch it for free this way as well.

FIFA World Cup Schedule and Results

Here is where you can find the schedule where you can watch the World Cup. Many sites will keep you updated along with the results of how your favorite team did in their matches.

Other great places to follow the schedule or scores of your favorite teams are all on the site we listed previously or use simply Google's FIFA World Cup page.

Enter "FIFA World Cup" in Google search or Click here and this instantly brings you the current schedule, latest up to date news, matches and standings of all the teams participating in the 2018 World Cup. As seen, in the image below.

 Social Media for Up to the Minute World Cup Scores

(This will be udated with current links as we get later into the season) For the latest up to the minute World Cup scores, log into Twitter, Facebook or watch on the Web at:

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