Best Apps In Plex Unsupported App Store V3.0

Best Apps In Plex Unsupported App Store V3.0

The Plex Unsupported App store WAS a fantastic way to watch more content from many more great streaming TV sources than you typically will find from the official Plex app store. 

Now that Plex has announced they will no longer be supporting any way to use Plugins on future updates we now recommend you switch to Emby.

There many apps in the Plex apps in the Unsupported App Store, these are a few of the best you will want to check out.  ;)

Warning - some 3rd party unsupported Plex apps did link to content that providers may not have the rights for, others apps may show full xxx adult content. Maybe this was the real reason they decided to disable all plugins on their software. Even though their official reason was only 2% of Plex users used them. We no longer use or recommend Plex and are now using Emby instead.

3rd party Plex unsupported apps come and go and now it looks like Plex is making sure 3rd party plugins are gone for good.  Future updates will stop all support for plugins.

best plex unsupported App Store apps

It's getting to a point where soon a Home Theater PC may be your best bet. Learn more about Home Theater PCs vs Media Streamers

Here you can find more info on Emby which supports 3rd Party Plugins.

If you are just getting started with Emby or need a new Emby Media Server, check out our NAS page. *For the ultimate low profile and quiet Emby media server, be sure to look for and buy a NAS thats powerful enough to stream and transcode 1080p.

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Best Plex Media Servers

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