How To Fix A Broken Nvidia SHIELD Remote

How To Fix Broken Nvidia SHIELD Remote

If you are faced with the dreaded dead NVIDIA SHIELD Remote issue, here is how you can easily fix it.

There are actually two different remotes and depending on if you bought the 1st generation Nvidia SHIELD or the second, there are some subtle and not so subtle differences between the two. This applies only to the non-pro SHIELD TVs. 

Buy a new 1st Generation SHIELD Remote with Headphone Jack

2015, 1st generation SHIELD remote came with a rechargeable internal battery that could not be easily replaced. It also had a built-in headphone jack.

This remote also has a cool Android green LED that glows while it is charging.

2017, 2nd generation SHIELD remote now has replaceable Lithium coin cell type batteries that are contained by a little pop-out tray which can be accessed by putting a paper clip in the small hole located at the bottom end of the remote.

The headphone jack was removed from 2017 remote to make room for the replaceable batteries.

The 2nd generation remote only comes with  2017 regular SHIELD TV and both the old and newer Pro versions still come with the 1st version 2015 remote control.

Make your SHIELD Batteries Last Longer

Something else you need to know about your SHIELD Remote control. It has a sleep function built in, so when it does not sense movement it will go into a sleep mode and this will preserve battery life.

If you are a type of person that likes to sit and fidget while holding your remote, it will kill the batteries in no time flat. So use it and set it down while you are watching your shows and the batteries will last a lot longer.

How Long Should the Batteries Last?

Typically if you have the rechargeable remote, they should last for two weeks before needing a charge. This can depend on how much TV you watch using your remote throughout the week.

If your remote uses coin cell batteries, Nvidia says they should last around a year. In real life, plan on replacing them more often. Buy them in pairs, because the new remote uses two of them. They are (2) CR2032 and you can order a two pack of batteries here. Or, a ten pack of batteries here which could come in handy if you find yourself burning through batteries faster than normal or own multiple SHIELDS.

NVIDIA also had a bug in the older firmware that caused the battery to look dead when really it is perfectly fine. Make sure your remote if it uses replaceable batteries have the newer updated 1.1 firmware which has addressed and fixed this problem. Although some people in the various groups like NVIDIA SHIELD ROCKS occasionally have posted about their remote being dead. This also happened to some users after a recent firmware update. 

How to Fix a Dead SHIELD Remote Control

Press the  back/home/voice search for 15 seconds 

This will cause the remote to reset and very likely bring your dead remote back to life.

We still have not found a teardown or an easy way to replace the rechargeable battery in the first generation remote control. If you happen to stumble across a guide or something that shows a part number for the rechargeable battery, please give us a shout out on the Nvidia SHIELD Rock Facebook group.

How to Connect or Pair Your SHIELD Remote

If the remote no longer controls your Nvidia SHIELD or you bought a new remote, it will need to be connected or paired with your SHIELD.

Plug your existing or new remote, into your SHIELD TV, then go to "SHIELD accessories" app on the SHIELD TV home screen and choose "Pair an accessory". This is the small Gaming Controller icon to the left of the power icon near the bottom of your screen.

Then, Press and hold the Select button on your remote until the green remote light flashes.
The remote should connect and begin working after a few seconds.

If your SHIELD TV remote is the newer one, and nothing seems to bring it back to life. Your best option may be to buy one of the first generation remotes. These are sometimes available on eBay, or on Amazon and outperforms the newer SHEILD TV remotes.

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