Watch FREE TV 24/7 From An OTA Antenna

Watch 24/7 HD FREE TV From An Antenna

If you cut the cord and truly want to watch Free TV, there is no better way then to hook up an over the air antenna.

There are many television towers broadcasting Free TV signals to cities and towns all across America

The price of admission to watch Free TV is quite low. With just a little bit of work on your part, and a fairly inexpensive TV antenna, you can have a source of some of the best Free TV channels available that will give you endless hours of wonderful entertainment.

The beautiful part is that many channels broadcast over the airwaves are actually better quality than what you may be used to from a satellite dish or cable TV. This is because the signals are not compressed and don't need to travel over miles of copper or fiber optic cable to reach your home.

When you first see the images presented on your TV screen the picture quality will look vivid, brilliant and stunning.

Here is What You Can You Expect To Receive From a TV Antenna

Enter you Zip code into the FCC  DTV Antenna Reception Website and they will give you a good expectation on which network channels you will receive. They don't show all of them, and chances are you will actually receive even more than that are shown. This website does show the major network channels like CBS, NBC, ABC and PBS, Fox, Ion and more.

For example, look at this map of Los Angelas California. 

If you lived there and had a nice size antenna on your roof or inside your attic, these are the TV channels you could expect to receive.

TIP: Dragging the red marker on the map over your neighborhood may change the channels shown you could receive.

Watch free TV channels

If you live in a smaller town, your list may be quite a bit shorter although it is likely that you will still have some of the major channels broadcasting a signal to your home.

Check Your Channels

Why You May Not Be Able To Receive Some Channels

If you live in an area where there are mountains, tall buildings or trees, some channels may have their signal blocked.

Depending on where you live, a small indoor antenna in your home may not receive any TV channels at all. 

Don't give up, if you were to try a larger longer range antenna on your roof or placed in an attic, you may be pleasantly surprised when you receive a handful of major network channels in crystal clear HD.

Which Antenna Should I Buy?

If you were to check your Zip code from the link above, and your channels all show up as green. You could save some money by buying a nice indoor antenna.

best indoor antenna
Vansky 2018 Upgraded Indoor Amplified Digital HDTV Antenna 50 Mile Range Local

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If some channels that you would like to receive are showing yellow or brown on the FCC page under your Zip code, then you will need to get a larger antenna and place it in your attic or on your roof.

Even if you don't receive any channels indoors, don't give up. A larger antenna placed higher up outdoor or inside your attic can make the difference.

When it comes to antennas, go as large as you can. When it comes to installing an antenna, the higher you can get it the better.

Pros Of Installing An Antenna in An Attic

Mounting an antenna in your attic has some nice advantages over one placed outdoors on your roof.

First of all, grounding an attic antenna is not necessary. This eliminate the additional added expense and work of installing a grounding rod for lightning protection.

An indoor attic antenna is also not subjected to the elements like wind, rain, hail, snow and sun so it will last virtually a lifetime.

Cons Of An Attic Antenna Installation

The signal to an antenna will be blocked to some degree by your roof. Certain roofs block the signal more than others, if you have a tile roof, these will block the signal more than a shingle roof. An outdoor antenna would then give you a  much stronger signal.

TIP: Do you have a small satellite dish installed you no longer use? Installing an outdoor antenna on this same mast after you remove the dish can save you from needing to run a wire from an antenna to your TV. Plus it should already be grounded.

Digital VS Analog Signals

Most of the major networks are now broadcasting their signals in 1080p Digital High Definition. Soon with the new ATSC 3.0 standard being adopted, this will increase to 4K Ultra High Definition. 

The good news is you will not need to buy a new antenna, your current antenna will work fine to receive this new over the air TV 3.0 ATSC standard.

The bad news is unless your TV has an ATSC tuner, it will not be able to pick up this new signal. This will require either a new TV, or an adapter box which will contain its own ATSC tuner. These should be relatively inexpensive in expensive to buy when this happens and they will let you enjoy enhanced over the air TV.

Now if you remember watching TV that was analog, sometimes the picture would get fuzzy, or have snow. Digital HD signals are usually much clearer. If your signal is right on the edge or marginal, you may notice stuttering or freezing, but it will generally be a much nicer signal than the older analog TV you may have grown up with.

Best Attic or Roof Antennas

While there are certainly many antennas out there, we have had very good luck with an Antennas Direct 4Max Clearstream antenna installed in our attic, our furthest station CBS, comes from 65 miles away and we are surrounded by tall trees. 

With this antenna we are now able to receive all the major networks, CBS, ABC, NBC, PBS, CW and Fox. Which for the most part have some of the best TV shows. 

Back when we had cable TV, these were the channels we watched mostly anyways.

best attic antenna
Antennas Direct HDTV Antenna Clearstream 4Max 70 Mile. Learn more

If you are looking for an easy way to save some money, eliminate your cable TV bill and get a subscription to either Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Instant Video

By cutting your cable TV subscription and getting an antenna, you can fill in some of the stuff you may miss like local news, sports and weather with an unlimited source of FREE over the air broadcast TV.

TVcom Best Over The Air TV Guide When it comes to Finding Free Local TV Listings, Program Schedule, TV Shows and Episodes be sure to check out TVcom.  

This online TV guide has a full listing of what is showing in your area.

When you first visit their free TV guide website, add your Zip Code and then choose your provider from the drop down list. For an antenna, choose Broadcast TV "your city" (Over-the-Air). They also work with cable TV and satellite. 

Visit TVcom

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