Philo TV Roku Channel

Philo TV Roku Channel

by Michael Pierce

Philo TV

In a day when new streaming TV networks service launches happen around every month, Philo TV now brings us a sports-free and news-free streaming TV package alternative. Always one to sample offerings, I now find myself watching more TV content than ever.

Signing up for Philo was easy, no credit card info is needed for two days and by only giving them your cell phone number at first made this intriguing. After that, you will get a text requesting your credit card information and then Philo gives you an additional 5 more days to watch their service for free.

Once your trial is over, then it only costs $17/month for 40 channels, tax included. This makes Philo TV one of the least expensive "LEGAL" Live Streaming TV service you will find anywhere. Plus for $4 dollars more they offer an additional 9 channels which you can add to your package for a few dollars more.


To my surprise the streams are very stable. Their service is every bit as stable as Sling TV and without the Hulu Live TV buffer. With the Philo TV unlimited DVR, you can record all the programming you want and even fast forward through the commercials.

Since using Philo TV for nearly 20 days, I have yet to experience any hiccups.

Those that tried Philo TV all seem very impressed with it. The chatter in the Facebook groups has been positive. Some feel giving up ESPN rubs against their grain. At first I felt like that, then realized, what good does it do to have sports with buffering or not knowing if The Walking Dead will hold up without an outage? Sure Philo is a small service, we are hoping their slow build will be smoother than others who have launched. For now we take advantage of all they have to offer for an incredibly low price.

Channels include A&E, AMC, Discovery, Scripps, and Viacom. Missing are Disney, Fox, CNN with a commitment of bringing us even more channels, with HBO being one. There are no spoilers for when tuning to Live TV, the show starts from the beginning but you can forward it to get caught up.

Customer service is speedy and will respond to your questions in a timely matter. The picture quality often makes me believe I'm using a cable TV box. It really is that good. Philo lets you watch three streams at once. After having Philo TV for a few weeks, it has become very clear this is a unique and worth while streaming TV service to watch on Roku.

Personally I very much enjoy Philo and think it's  nice as an add-on with another service like Netflix, Amazon Instant or Hulu.

If you would like to learn more, you can find other Philo subscribers by joining our group, “Time for Philo”, on FaceBook.

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Philo TV Roku Channel

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